Women aren’t allowed to wear sleeveless tops in the House chambers

The House's vague dress code has historically been up to the House speaker's interpretation.

Is it ever OK for men to wear shorts in the office? We asked 25 very opinionated women.

Who knew that men's calves could be so divisive?

Please stop trying to make hairy clothing happen

It's not going to happen.

After being told they can't wear shorts in the summer, these boys showed up to school in skirts

On Thursday, many boys showed up in the skirts to prove a point about the dress code.

After getting sent home from work for wearing shorts, this guy came back in a dress to make a point

"What looks better?" he asked his followers on Twitter.

These 7 pieces of clothing are all you need to travel the world

Every minimalist's dream.

There's a very, very, very big difference between trending fashion and fashion trends

Rest easy, guys. Hairy-chest bathing suits probably won't be at your H&M in a few months.

It's 2017 and we're still arguing over whether girls' bra straps are "distracting"

Dueling signs in boys' and girls' bathrooms at a Canadian high school reignite the perennial dress code debate.

This 'Overwatch' Lúcio cosplay from MomoCon is absolutely incredible

"Oh, feel that healing beat."

UK school that bans short sleeves under fire for "sexualization of young girls"

Students at the Simon Langton Girl's Grammar School are circulating a petition pushing for the right to wear tank tops.

High school reportedly considering expulsion after student wears off-the-shoulder top

Summer, a high school senior, says she's not allowed to walk in graduation for violating the dress code.

A mother penned a letter to her daughter's principal after a dress code violation

"I forgot to thank you for making it clear to my daughter that her body is somehow a distraction," the mother wrote.

Jaden Smith's Met Gala accessory? His shaved-off dreadlocks.

He shaved his locs off in April, and here they are now.

With its latest 'Made in Kenya' collection, ASOS commits to well-paying jobs in Africa

With factory workers' low wages under fire, this collection is coming at a most opportune time.

This 6th grader broke her school's dress code on purpose to make a powerful statement

Molly Neuner came to school wearing a tank top — and a message.

Hannah's style on 'Girls' is tragic. It's also the most relatable part of the show.

Her style is bad. But it's also still the most realistic depiction of how hard fashion is when you're a woman on TV.

A 17-year-old wore a long-sleeved T-shirt dress to school — and was promptly dress-coded

Sophia Abuabara had 3 exams that day, but was asked to change.

Florida high school issues apology after bizarre attempt to police students' prom dresses

#SCPGoodGirl spread across Twitter, drawing attention to the sexist prom dress display.

Yes, United Airlines has a dress code for pass holders. Yes, it's also sexist.

"I think this policy is arbitrary and sexist. It singles out women for their clothing and sexualizes little girls."

5 steps to a perfect, affordable work wardrobe: How to look professional without spending a fortune

How to look professional in your work clothes, without spending too much money.

This 13-year-old girl was afraid of getting dress-coded — so her sister took action

According to the shirt, the dress code promotes the objectification and sexualization of young bodies.


Comparing the fashion in the 'KUWTK' season 13 premiere with its first episode ever

In the first episode, Kim and Kourtney look like completely different people.

H&M defies gender norms with its first ever unisex collection

For once, a unisex collection that makes an effort to push the boundaries.

This high school's 21-page prom dress code is being accused of body shaming

Restrictions for dresses are way different depending on the girl's body type.

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Trying to feel sturdier (or prettier) in 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild'? Check out this guide to armor sets in the game.

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Slovenly introverts, rejoice.

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Its founder, Chana Rachel Weinberg, wanted to provide more options for modest women.

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Donald Trump just made his disdain for Tom Ford exceedingly clear

"I'm not a fan of Tom Ford. Never have been."

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