Report: Trump’s lawyers knew about Don Jr.’s Russia emails in June

Trump claims he only learned about this "two or three days ago."

Trump attorney Michael Cohen to testify before House Intelligence Committee in September

The president's personal lawyer says he'll address lawmakers on Sept. 5.

Who is Christopher Wray? Trump's pick to lead the FBI has ties to the president.

Trump's pick for FBI director has a long history working with the government — and possibly a few conflicts of interest.

Eric Trump tells Sean Hannity that critics of his father are "not even people"

"I’ve never seen hatred like this. I mean, to me, they’re not even people. It's so, so sad."

Eric Trump's charity for cancer kids funneled over $1 million to for-profit Trump Org

Donald Trump told employees, "I don't care if it's my son or not — everybody gets billed," according to 'Forbes.'

Kathy Griffin press conference on Trump photo: "I don't think I'll have a career after this."

Kathy Griffin held a press conference Friday to address her controversial photo shoot with Tyler Shields.

Trump once proposed a radical "wealth tax." Now a Democrat has introduced it in Congress.

The Donald J. Trump Wealth Tax Act of 2017 is unlikely to attract any Republican support.

6 months after the #GrabYourWallet campaign launched, co-founder Shannon Coulter reflects

Twenty-three companies have been dropped from the boycott list, but there's plenty more.

Eric Trump: Why he's praising Sean Hannity and won't separate his father from the family business

"Just a great, great man" is how Eric Trump described Fox News pundit Sean Hannity.

These 6 devastating passages show judge used Trump's words to rule against Muslim ban 2.0

Trump and his staff's comments came back to haunt them.

Meet Sleeping Giants, the group trying to take down racist websites by stopping their ads

First, it's targeting 'Breitbart.' Next? Well...


Elijah Cummings thinks there's something fishy about the way Trump fired Preet Bharara

"There are a lot of questions that need to be asked," Cummings said on ABC News' 'This Week.'

This anti-Trump beauty brand just sponsored the first-ever London Modest Fashion Week

Illamasqua asked its customers to take an anti-Fascism pledge.

Team Trump's survey asks for your opinions — but really wants your money

Think you're beating the system? Think again.

Meet Shannon Coulter, the woman leading the #GrabYourWallet movement and getting under Trump's skin

"It's not political for me. It’s really more about fundamental human decency and respect."

Stores dropping Ivanka Trump’s clothing line fail to mention one key detail: Her clothes are ugly.

Political or not, her clothes are not good. That's one reason why no one is buying.

Kellyanne Conway gives Ivanka Trump's Nordstrom clothing line a "free commercial"

Did Conway use her public office to promote private gain?

How Donald Trump's signature on executive orders is rapidly reshaping America

From the environment to immigration, Donald Trump's signature is rapidly appearing on executive orders. Know what that means.

The Trump family got its own glossy 'US Weekly' cover, and Twitter is not happy about it

Many say that the magazine is trying to normalize white supremacy.

Documents show Trump still owner and beneficiary of businesses, despite promise to leave

Trump is still listed on business filings as the sole authorized representative on several of the companies he owns.

Donald Trump Lawsuits: Here are the cases to watch in 2017

Donald Trump, with a litigation history unprecedented for a president-elect, will enter office with active lawsuits.

Donald Trump says he will dissolve his shady charity amid investigation

The Trump Foundation is under investigation for allegations it is a sham, and the decision to dissolve it may itself be illegal.

Donald Trump will continue to be the executive producer on 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Trump will pocket a paycheck from MGM, raking in a profit in the "low five-figures, at minimum."

I tweeted about Trump's leaked audio. Men called me a cunt and threatened rape and murder.

This abuse matters because it's not an isolated example.

Trump Foundation issued cease and desist by New York attorney general

Eric T. Schneiderman ordered the Trump Foundation to shut down its solicitation efforts immediately.

Donald Trump Jr.’s Skittles meme isn’t about candy — it’s about bigotry against refugees

"The still-life image of a bowl of Skittles candy that Trump used as the basis for his xenophobic campaign ad is mine."


What is Trump's business? Here are the more ridiculous Donald Trump Organization products

Donald Trump loves selling Donald Trump.

Was Donald Trump's father a racist? Here's what we know about his housing policies

Donald Trump's father made his fortune renting apartments — specifically to whites.

Trump tries to woo millennials with a "Crooked Hillary" Snapchat debate filter

Donald Trump just found a new way to attack Hillary Clinton: Snapchat.