Trump has an ambitious 2018 legislative agenda that may never work

The president is boasting about the bipartisan legislation he plans to pass next year. But he’s not likely to get much help.


‘Hot Mic’ podcast: The opioid crisis, Ivanka Trump’s new store

The important stories to know for Friday, August 11.

Trump officials can never seem to remember their contacts with Russians

Donald Trump Jr. is the latest in his father's orbit to suffer an apparent memory lapse when it comes to Russia.

FBI reportedly investigating attempted hack against Trump Organization

The cybersecurity investigation could be damaging to the Trump administration, depending on what it finds.

Congress to rent Secret Service space at Trump Tower as part of security spending bill

Congress is set to approve $120 million to protect President Donald Trump and his family.

Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd: Trump scolds 'Meet the Press' host on Twitter for Russia coverage

Donald Trump told "Sleepy Eyes" Chuck Todd to stop covering the news he doesn't like.

No evidence that Trump Tower was wiretapped, top House Intelligence Committee member says

"I don't think there was an actual tap of Trump Tower," House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes said.

DOJ says it needs "more time" to prove Trump's Obama wiretap claim

A Monday congressional deadline came and went, even as the president and his staff seem to be moving on.

Powerful images of women showing up — and staying home — for #DayWithoutAWoman

Here's a glimpse at what A Day Without a Woman looks like across the country.

Relive the first 24 hours after Trump's election with new zine 'Trumpland'

Five street photographers chronicled an entire day of post-election protests. Here's what they saw — and why it still matters.


#March4Trump rallies in Berkeley, California, and around the country turn violent

In Berkeley, pro- and anti-Trump demonstrators clashed, leading to 10 arrests.

LGBTQ+ activists make out in front of Trump Tower in protest

A group of 40 to 50 LGBTQ+ activists protested against President Donald Trump's administration at Trump Tower.

Thanks to the Pentagon, the American taxpayer may get a new landlord: Donald Trump

The Pentagon is looking to rent space at Trump Tower, so taxpayers would be lining Trump's pockets.

Gorillaz return with a new music video taking on Donald Trump from Trump Tower

The band takes aim at the president-elect.

Donald Trump picks David Shulkin as Veterans Affairs secretary

David Shulkin is the only carry over from President Barack Obama's cabinet so far.


Viral video of homeless woman claiming she lives in Trump Tower rent-free is fake

"Donald Trump is not a bad guy. He's a wonderful, wonderful man and everything I'm telling you today is true."

Donald Trump's sad, ugly cake likeness is the laughing stock of the internet

The fondant would definitely dye your teeth black, FYI.

Here's the Heathen Hellscape America Became After These 7 Places Welcomed Trans People

The road to hell is paved with trans-friendly intentions.

Donald Trump's Family Is Auctioning off an Internship and It'll Only Cost $42,500

This week on 'The Apprentice'...

10 Best Tweets By the NASA Curiosity Rover

The NASA Curiosity Rover is probably the first robot to tweet from Mars. Here are its 10 best tweets (spoiler alert: they're likely sent out by a NASA geek).