Navigating Trump's America: Three key events in the Donald Trump-Russia investigation

This will drag on for months.

Donald Trump says he will dissolve his shady charity amid investigation

The Trump Foundation is under investigation for allegations it is a sham, and the decision to dissolve it may itself be illegal.

Seth Meyers explains why we shouldn’t focus on Donald Trump’s beef with ‘Hamilton’

We can't wait for the Trump musical, 'Scamilton.'

Mike Pence said he "wasn't offended" by on-stage call-out from 'Hamilton' cast

The conservative Hoosier said he quite enjoyed the show.

Chrissy Teigen slams Trump's demand for an apology from the 'Hamilton' cast

"Look who wants a fucking safe space now."

Autographed Trump items sold on his website were signed by a machine

Another shameless act by The Donald.

Donald Trump reportedly used hundreds of thousands from his charity to settle legal woes

The GOP nominee's foundation is hit with yet another scandal.

Elizabeth Warren Praises Hillary Clinton, Denounces Trump in Rousing DNC Speech

Elizabeth Warren declares Donald Trump "must never be president of the United States" in prime-time DNC speech.

Hillary Clinton's Staff Is Reading All of Donald Trump's 5,500 Lawsuits on Facebook Live

Clinton's staff has a lot of reading to do.

Donald Trump Accused Elizabeth Warren of "Fraud" — And She Had the Perfect Response

Elizabeth Warren is the queen of burns.

Paul Ryan Blasts Donald Trump Over White Supremacist Star of David Tweet

Ryan says if he had to answer for every questionable Trump tweet, "I wouldn't have time to do anything."

Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski Ousted by Trump Camp After Internal Turmoil

The move comes after months of power struggles within the Trump campaign.

Donald Trump Says He's No Racist Because He Has Lots of Hispanic Friends

Trump's lengthy explainer came amid mounting GOP criticism.

Paul Ryan Blasts Donald Trump's "Racist" Attacks on Judge — But Stands by Endorsement

"But do I believe Hillary Clinton is the answer? No, I do not."

Only the Ku Klux Klan Can Fairly Judge Donald Trump, According to Stephen Colbert

Donald Trump should only be judged by those in white robes and matching hoods, according to Colbert.

Conservatives Are Calling Out Donald Trump's "Racist" Attacks on Trump University Judge

Judge Gonzalo Curiel's Hispanic identity is "an inherent conflict of interest," Trump charges.

Trump University Is a "Fraudulent Scheme," Says Former Employee

"It preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money."

Here's the Full Transcript and Video of Mic's Interview With Elizabeth Warren

Student debt, Trump, Clinton and more.

Elizabeth Warren Slams Donald Trump as Unqualified to Be President Over Trump University

"I absolutely think it makes him unqualified."

Trump Soho Hotel Faces Lawsuit for Allegedly Withholding Tips From Catering Staff

Donald Trump's SoHo Hotel catering employees noticed they weren't receiving tips from a 22% service charge.

10 Quotes That Prove Donald Trump Will Be the Greatest American President

If elected, Trump truly would be the president America deserves.

Donald Trump's University Facing Lawsuit

Trump's for-profit educational institution is being sued by the Attorney General of New York for elaborate 'bait and switch' tactics charging customers high fees for courses that fail to deliver.