The ACLU is suing Jeff Sessions over the Trump administration’s asylum policies

The lawsuit specifically calls into question policies enacted by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in June that seek to ramp up deportations and expedite removal proceedings for immigrants.


A look at all the members of the Trump administration who have resigned or been fired thus far

Price is far from the first high profile name to make a swift departure from the Trump White House.

House Judiciary Dems demand answers on settlement of major case involving Trump Jr.’s Russian lawyer

After firing U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, the Trump administration settled a $230 million Russian money laundering case for $6 million.

Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. says he wanted dirt on Clinton “so badly”

Veselnitskaya painted Donald Trump Jr. as a man craving dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The White House’s gender wage gap has doubled under Trump

An analysis from a conservative think tank suggests media outlets underestimated the gender pay gap in Trump's White House.

Meet the 22 highest-paid staffers in Donald Trump's White House

Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway are among the highest-paid staffers in Donald Trump's White House.


Secret Service: We don't have Trump tapes

Trump made allusions to "tapes" in a tweet following James Comey's firing.

President Donald Trump will withdraw US from Paris climate agreement

Specifics on how Trump plans to withdraw from the agreement are still being worked out.

Sebastian Gorka likely to leave role at White House, according to reports

The national security aid generated controversy for his connection to a Hungarian nationalist group with ties to Nazi Germany.

Trump reportedly delayed signing his new ban in order to give his speech its own "moment"

Trump's reportedly taking Iraq off the ban list, too.

No, Kellyanne Conway, it is never OK to put your shoes on the Oval Office couch

We know you wanted to get a good picture, but girl, come on.


Sean Spicer bars the 'Times,' BBC, CNN from press briefing amid White House's war on media

Sean Spicer once called banning the press something a "dictatorship" would do.

One by one, black New England Patriots players are refusing to visit Donald Trump's White House

Devin McCourty announced Monday that he would protest the traditional White House visit.

More than 100,000 visas have been revoked because of Trump's Muslim ban

The real number of people affected is much, much higher than the White House has said.

It took Obama less than a day to get the White House website up to code. Trump's still isn't.

Donald Trump's White House still doesn't have dedicated accessibility features or a Spanish language version.

For Black History Month, these cute black kids take Trump's 'alternate facts' to task

Let them teach you, President Trump.

The Trump White House will celebrate Black History Month. Here's what to expect.

"The White House is excited to host a series of events, this month, in recognition of [Black History Month.]"