Man arrested outside Sen. Jeff Flake’s office for allegedly threatening to shoot staffer

"We will get better aim" to solve the "Republican problem," Mark Prichard allegedly told a staffer for Sen. Jeff Flake.


2 police officers shot in Tucson, Arizona, suspect shot and killed

One officer is reportedly in surgery.

Move to these 10 affordable U.S. cities if you hate having roommates

These cities all have an average rent less than $850 a month for a one-bedroom.

Trans Veterans Will Now Get Better Health Care Thanks to This Arizona Clinic

"We serve all who have served."


This City Is About to End Homelessness Among Its Veterans — For Good

It's because of a simple solution.

Who We Leave Out When We Talk About Domestic Violence

LGBT couples experience domestic abuse at a similar rate as heterosexual couples, so we can't forget about them when we talk about sexual violence.

Immigration Reform 2013: Map Tracks Migrant Deaths Along the AZ Border, and It's Horrifying

And thanks to a broken immigration system, it is the only one of its kind.

9 Invaluable Life Lessons I Learned in College

Here are some lifelong lessons I gleaned from higher education.

Latest Mass Shooting: Arizona Rampage Leaves Multiple People Injured Or Worse

A shooting at an office complex in Phoenix occurred this morning during a Senate hearing on gun control that featured testimony from former Arizona Congreswoman Gabby Giffords.


In Adam Lanza Aftermath, We Need Better Gun Control, Not More

In the wake of the Adam Lanza mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school, what we don't need is more gun control. We just need better gun control and here's how.

Jacintha Saldanha Suicide: Do Not Blame Prankster DJs in the Death of Kate Middleton Nurse

If Jacintha Saldanha was willing to kill herself and leave a husband and two children behind to grieve, there had to be more going on than embarrassment or shame over falling for a stupid hoax.

Jared Loughner 7 Life Sentences Will Not Replace the 6 Lives He Took

Gabby Giffords' shooter will live out his long life with zero responsibilities, at a rough cost of $75,000 a year for taxpayers.

Private Prisons: A Criminal Injustice

We need to shut down private prisons because they are not producing the promised cost-savings, have limited accountability, and are run by corporate officials with conflicting motives.

Jan Brewer Surprises Arizona By Banning Guns in Public After Gabby Giffords Shooting

On Tuesday, Jared Lee Loughner pleaded guilty in the now infamous 2011 Arizona shooting.


Milwaukee Sikh Shooting Reminds America of Our Gun Problems, In Case We Forgot

After the Wisconsin shooting, it's clear, as it has been for some time, that gun violence and the prevalence of firearms in our society are problems in dire need of consideration.

Latino-American Violence Can Be Curbed Through Cultural Education

Tucson, Arizona, eliminated Mexican-American literature classes to save money. But education is also violence prevention.

Glee’s “The Spanish Teacher” Shows Why Ethnic Studies Matters

The purpose of ethnic studies is not to reveal white oppression, but rather to reveal the contributions, histories, worldviews, and moral and political worth of people of color.