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The TSA isn't Making Air Travel Any Safer, According to a Government Report

The TSA's screening procedures and failure rates are statistically not doing anything to keep us safe. Why do we pay $8 billion a year to be violated?

How the U.S. is Its Own Worst Enemy When It Comes to Fighting Terrorism

The war on terror solely aims at the consequences of terrorism rather than its causes ... which are mainly the effects of U.S. intervention abroad.

TSA "VIPR Teams" Will Soon Be Patting You Down Outside the Airport

The Transportation Security Administration will soon be adding many more members to its so-called VIPR teams in pursuit of terrorists. But they're expanding their search outside the airport.

A TSA Agent Harrasses a 15-Year-Old Girl At LAX — Just Another Day At the TSA, Right?

A TSA officer told a 15-year-old teen wearing leggings to cover up as she made her way through airport security.


TSA 'Knives On a Plane' Policy is Nonsensical and Unsafe

The new TSA policy on the possession of small knives on board will cause more problems than it will solve.

TSA Allowed Items: Small Knives and Sports Equipment Now Permitted On Planes

The TSA will relax its rules on carry-on luggage, a move seemingly designed to help restore its tattered reputation. The changes appear to be less about security and more about saving face.

Get Ready: Your TSA Pat Down Is Only Going to Get Worse

Despite a year-old federal appeals court order, the TSA is refusing to hold a public hearing over its unpopular "naked body scanners."

Rand Paul Airport Pat-Down Shows How TSA Security Measures Harm our Health, Privacy, and Dignity

Rand Paul's airport security scuffle serves as a reminder that TSA gate security is badly designed and ineffective. TSA exposes innocent people to health risks and violate our personal liberty.

No Liberty Or Security 10 Years After 9/11

The consequences of post-9/11 policy have been a disregard for American civil liberties.