Marchers arrested in Istanbul as Pride parade continues despite cancellation

The organizers' decision to move forward with the previously cancelled march led to clashes with police.


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Turkey Coup Crushed, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Remains in Control

Erdogan vowed the traitorous elements of the military "will pay a heavy price for their treason to Turkey."

Explosion at a Military Dorm in Turkey Reportedly Leaves 28 Dead, 60 Injured

Violence rocks the country yet again.

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Barricades, and 40,000 police officers couldn't keep protesters out of Istanbul's Taksim Square.

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The Prime Minister has called it "the worst menace to society."

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What do you call a government that bulldozes through a university forest in the middle of the most important religious holiday of the year?

400,000 Syrian Refugees in Turkey Cannot Be Ignored by the U.S.

Although under fire for many reasons these days, the Turkish government is doing what it can for Syrian refugees. It's time for the West to put its money where its mouth is and help.

Turkish Protests 2013: Government Announces That "Twitter Bird Can't Fly Here"

The Turkish government has announced a push to restrict the use of social media sites as a result of the ongoing protests. Here's why it won't be effective.

Turkey Protests LIVE: Live-streaming Of Demonstrations in Istanbul

The protests in Turkey's Taksim Square in Istanbul continue, as police fire tear gas and water cannons into angry crowds.


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The revolution is here … and it is crowdsourced via Indiegogo.

Occupy Gezi: Turkish Protests Continue Into Their Fifth Day Despite Violent Police Crackdown

Protests in Turkey continue to rage today, with demonstrators taking to the streets in cities across the country to voice their outrage at the Turkish government.

Bashar al-Assad: Turkey Won't Depose Syria's Ruler Without U.S. Involvement

Without U.S. committment to foreign intervention in the Syrian civil war, it's unlikely Turkey will lift a finger to help end the conflict.