Idaho judge who gave rapist no-sex-til-marriage sentence blames rape on social media

Judge Randy J. Stoker said rape is a "direct consequence of the social media system." It's not.


India's minister for women downplays country's rape problem

It's scaring away tourists, she suggested to a roomful of female journalists.

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Source in 'Rolling Stone' UVA Rape Article, "Jackie," Must Testify, Court Rules

Lawyers for Jackie said testifying might cause her "irreparable harm."

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Meet the "Charlie's Angels" of New Delhi.

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When will it get through people's heads? Rapists cause rape.

Rape Culture is Everywhere – Watch Your Favorite Sitcoms Prove it

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6 Lessons About Women Every Republican Man Needs to Hear

The GOP announced it's holding sensitivity trainings for Republican men running against women in 2014. Here's what they need to hear.


Company Wants Women to Buy These Anti-Rape Shorts

Rape is scary. So is this solution.

Another Horrible Rape Case in India: 7 Year Old Raped on a Train

India's National Crime Records report a rape incident occurs every 22 minutes. A mix of poverty and ignorance supplemented by a lack of state action is proving to be a menace for Indian women.

Read This Poem and You'll Never Laugh At Rape Jokes Again

It's not very often that something so emotionally naked, devastatingly honest and skillfully crafted gets our attention, and starts to change minds.

Why Does Our Global Mindset Let Rape Slide?

While we do not condone rape, we have failed to condemn attacks on women as deplorable and utterly inexcusable.

Rehtaeh Parsons: Nova Scotia Girl Raped, Bullied, And Commits Suicide

In a story with chilling similarities to the Steubenville rape case, a teenage girl hung herself after 2 years of constant harassment stemming from her being gang raped at a party.

Indian Engineers Invent Anti-Rape Bra That Electrocutes Attackers

Here were some of the FAQs PolicyMic had on the anti-rape lingerie that came out of India last week. (Now with answers!)

Adria Richards: Why Are Women Threatened With Rape For What They Write Online?

SendGrid employee Adria Richards criticized two PyCon attendees on Twitter for making sexist jokes, resulting in a slew of online rape threats. Why can't women speak out online?

Steubenville Rape Case: Even With Guilty Verdict, There's No Silver Lining

"Rape culture" is insufficiently nuanced, and incarceration solves next to nothing.

Jyoti Singh Pandey: India gang rape trial begins in fast-track court

Live updates of the discussion the world's largest democracy is having about women's rights, Jyoti Singh Pandey trial, and Delhi's anti-rape protests

Jyoti Singh Pandey Part 2: Another Bus Gang Rape Rocks India

A woman has been gang-raped by a bus driver and his friends in northern India- just four weeks after a similar brutal crime was committed in Delhi.


Jyoti Singh Pandey: Gang Rape Victim Dying Declaration to Doom Perpetrators

Jyoti Singh Pandey, the 23-year-old fatal Delhi gang rape victim reportedly named her killers and revealed the terrible details of their savage attack in a "dying declaration."

Steubenville Rape Case: Authorities Attempt to Regain Control and Ensure Fair Trial

Local authorities in Steubenville have launched a website called Steubenville Facts to prevent the spread of misinformation and to recentralize the conversation.