Scientists just hit a new milestone for testing their HIV vaccine

A potentially HIV-preventing vaccine is about to be tested on 2,600 at-risk women in southern Africa.

Climate change is making our planet hotter — but we might have to ditch the AC

The world is getting hotter and more people are likely to turn up their AC. This could result in thousands of deaths, a new study says.

Mark your calendars: The longest lunar eclipse in the 21st century is coming

Total lunar eclipses turn the moon a "blood" red — a symbol of bad omens in ancient times.

This look inside the world’s largest train station will make Americans painfully jealous

The station has cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, a hotel and spa — plus what could be the coolest Starbucks of all time.

TV writers from ‘Vida’ and ‘One Day at a Time’ team up to help families separated at the border

And they're challenging other TV show writers rooms to follow suit.

It’s easier to sleep, eat and have fun at airports in Asia — here’s why America is falling behind

Robots, movie theaters, ice skating rinks, napping hotels — why are American airports falling behind in comfort?

A running list of restaurants, hotels and cities in America banning plastic straws

California is putting the rest of the country to shame.

It’s official: Excessive gaming is now recognized as a health disorder

Adding "gaming disorder" to doctors' lists of possible conditions will help medical professionals diagnose patients — and in return, an increasing number of people may be able to seek treatment.

Inside the ACLU’s efforts to stop the Trump administration’s family separation policy

The Trump administration is separating families at the border as part of a broad crackdown on immigration, but the ACLU is suing to put a stop to the practice altogether.

Trump administration reportedly eyeing tent cities to house migrant children

Department of Health and Human Services officials will reportedly scout the Fort Bliss Army base near El Paso, Texas, as a potential location to temporarily house between 1,000 and 5,000 children.

California Consumer Privacy Act gains support from thousands of internet users in wake of GDPR

People are paying attention to the importance of user privacy.

Napa’s wineries are finally serving good food — and it’s all because of some very outdated laws

Wineries are serving tastings where the food is just as much the star as the area's famous wines.

How Wickenburg, Arizona, a town of 7,000, became the rehab capital of the US

Arizona’s history leans heavily on healing — and it has attracted some of the world’s best-known troubled celebrities, including Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.

What If We Didn’t... advertise food to children?

Studies say junk food advertising has a real impact on our relationship with food, starting at a young age.

What If We Didn’t... have any unemployment?

Economists have been talking about a universal job guarantee for decades, and now some politicians are catching on.

Wedding gift etiquette: Here’s how much the average person spends as a wedding guest

Wedding season leaving you broke? Being a bridesmaid, groomsman, plus-one or distant relative can literally cost you — here's how much and how to save.

Treasury Department hits Russia with sanctions over 2016 election meddling

The Internet Research Agency, which Mueller indicted in February, is among the entities targeted by the sanctions.

7,000 pairs of shoes line Capitol lawn as tribute to child victims of gun violence

The demonstration comes just one day prior to a national school walkout scheduled for March 14.

Trump points to history to defend his tariffs, but history shows they have disastrous effects

Trump invoked his predecessors to justify his steel and aluminum tariffs — but history shows that tariffs can have disastrous consequences.

Want to work from home or remotely? The best jobs to be your own boss — and the top places to do it

If you want to work from home, remotely or for yourself, set your own schedule and get paid well, look no further than these careers and these countries.


Why you’re numb to the horrors in Syria, according to an empathy researcher

News of the war in Syria hasn't garnered much attention, despite record deaths from bombing and escalating violence. Here's what studies suggest limit human empathy — and what you can do about it.

Does free money make people lazy? Why the case for a universal basic income is getting stronger.

Support for a universal basic income is gaining traction, including from prominent members of the business community like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

13 Russian nationals, 3 Russian agencies indicted for meddling in the 2016 presidential election

The indictments are a blow to Trump, who has continuously denied that Russians sought to help elect him president.

South Korea’s brand-new Olympic bullet train will make Americans jealous

Americans can only dream of having a train like this, let alone building it so quickly.

While you weren’t looking: 5 stories from the Trump administration that weren’t about domestic abuse

The Department of Homeland Security floats a plan to surveil American Muslims, Trump will float a new transgender military ban and Scott Pruitt thinks climate change might be a good thing.

As Congress debates punting on DACA, “Dreamers” face greater job, life uncertainty

“They act like our lives don’t matter because we don’t have a piece of paper that says we are U.S. citizens. This is the only country that we know. This is the only country that we recognize."

Saving the planet isn’t as simple as going vegan

It won't necessarily save your body, either.

Philadelphia becomes latest city to introduce safe injection sites to combat opioid crisis

Studies have shown the planned injection sites have a positive effect on combating drug overdoses.

Chain migration: How conservatives created the transformative policy they’re now attacking

Trump and Republicans are attacking "chain migration" — a policy created by conservatives with racist intentions that's gone on to transform the country.