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Jews with guns: “I’m going to go down fighting”

In the wake of the Tree of Life synagogue attack, some Jewish people across America are arming themselves.

Detroit is quickly becoming a great food city — and there’s something for every budget

Detroit has given the world iconic dishes such as square pizza and Asian corned beef, an Asian fusion take on a Reuben sandwich.

Franklin, Tennessee, has the whiskey and war history to rival Nashville

Just 20 miles south of Music City, Franklin has long drawn Civil War history buffs and spirits lovers.

Mexico’s incoming administration now denies deal with US on immigration

After the 'Washington Post' reported that the Trump administration had cut a deal with the incoming Mexican government on immigration, Mexico unambiguously denied such an agreement ever existed.

Severe weather on Election Day is testing voters in several states with key races

Studies suggest poor weather can hurt voter turnout and benefit Republican candidates.

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While Amy Schumer was getting arrested alongside hundreds of other sexual assault survivor and feminist allies in the nation’s capital, here are five other important stories you might have missed.

What you need to know about the nationwide prison strike for wages

A deadly prison riot in April has led to a nationwide prisoner protest for higher wages and better conditions.

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Dog owners underestimate the amount of money they spend on their pets.

Despite Trump’s claims, “collusion” is a crime — it just goes by another name

“To collude means to conspire, and it is absolutely illegal to conspire to commit a crime against the United States. Period."

The ACLU is suing Jeff Sessions over the Trump administration’s asylum policies

The lawsuit specifically calls into question policies enacted by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in June that seek to ramp up deportations and expedite removal proceedings for immigrants.

We already used up Earth’s resources for the year. It’s August.

The planet spent all of its resources for the year — five months ahead of schedule.

While You Weren’t Looking: 5 stories from the Trump administration that aren’t about Cohen’s tape

Betsy DeVos rolls back relief for defrauded students, Jeff Sessions wants people to stop using the word "undocumented" and Trump's new EPA chief is already acting a lot like Scott Pruitt.

Deadline to reunite immigrant families arrives, but a “serious situation” remains at the border

As the government struggles to reunite all of the children separated from their parents, the U.S. is "failing in a crisis it created."

Transplaining: I’m dating a man who doesn’t know I’m transgender. How — and when — do I tell him?

Serena Daniari answers a transgender woman's question about revealing her identity to a man she is dating.

Trump points to Google’s $5 billion fine from Europe as proof that the US and EU are foes

"I told you so," Trump tweeted on Thursday morning.

Scientists just hit a new milestone for testing their HIV vaccine

A potentially HIV-preventing vaccine is about to be tested on 2,600 at-risk women in southern Africa.

Climate change is making our planet hotter — but we might have to ditch the AC

The world is getting hotter and more people are likely to turn up their AC. This could result in thousands of deaths, a new study says.

Mark your calendars: The longest lunar eclipse in the 21st century is coming

Total lunar eclipses turn the moon a "blood" red — a symbol of bad omens in ancient times.

This look inside the world’s largest train station will make Americans painfully jealous

The station has cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, a hotel and spa — plus what could be the coolest Starbucks of all time.

TV writers from ‘Vida’ and ‘One Day at a Time’ team up to help families separated at the border

And they're challenging other TV show writers rooms to follow suit.

It’s easier to sleep, eat and have fun at airports in Asia — here’s why America is falling behind

Robots, movie theaters, ice skating rinks, napping hotels — why are American airports falling behind in comfort?

A running list of restaurants, hotels and cities in America banning plastic straws

California is putting the rest of the country to shame.

It’s official: Excessive gaming is now recognized as a health disorder

Adding "gaming disorder" to doctors' lists of possible conditions will help medical professionals diagnose patients — and in return, an increasing number of people may be able to seek treatment.

Inside the ACLU’s efforts to stop the Trump administration’s family separation policy

The Trump administration is separating families at the border as part of a broad crackdown on immigration, but the ACLU is suing to put a stop to the practice altogether.