Nowhere to “Hyde”: Congressional Democrats target restriction on federal abortion funding

For over 40 years, the Hyde Amendment has barred any federal money from being used to pay for abortions. But those days may be over.

While you weren’t looking: 5 stories from the Trump administration that aren’t about Kanye

The Trump administration loses track of 1,500 migrant children, Ben Carson wants to triple the rent for the nation's poorest families and Mick Mulvaney explains how to refill the swamp.

Why you can’t expect much at all from Congress before the midterms

Politics will trump policy in the lead-up to the 2018 midterm elections.

What to know about the thousands of high school walkouts happening nationwide

Hundreds of thousands of students are expected to demand Congress pass new gun laws a month after the Parkland, Florida, shooting.

Trump points to history to defend his tariffs, but history shows they have disastrous effects

Trump invoked his predecessors to justify his steel and aluminum tariffs — but history shows that tariffs can have disastrous consequences.

Here’s how Democrats will put the #MeToo movement on display at the State of the Union

Dozens of members of Congress hope they can use the State of the Union to continue to highlight the #MeToo movement, shining a light on sexual misconduct.

CBO: Funding CHIP for 10 years would actually save $6 billion

Supporters of soon-to-expire program are sure to use this new factoid as they lobby for its reauthorization.

Republicans’ 2018 legislative agenda is rife with political land mines

From DACA and CHIP to welfare reform, Republicans have a tough legislative agenda in 2018 — a midterm election year that's already presenting the GOP with trouble.

The popular policies Congress punted on fixing until 2018

With a Democratic wave already projected in the 2018 midterm elections, how Republicans handle CHIP, DACA and Obamacare in the new year will be watched closely.

7 pieces of legislation left in limbo before Christmas as Republicans advanced tax reform

A sampling: Health insurance for children, protecting dreamers from deportation and helping states recover from hurricanes.

In the wake of recent mass shootings, pro-gun legislation is still making its way through Congress

Members of Congress are still trying to expand gun rights in the wake of recent mass shootings — but there's some hope for bipartisan reform.

Top House Democrat: “I’m not interested in bills” that do not protect DACA recipients

The stakes are rising in Congress over whether Republicans can strike a deal to keep the government open and protect immigrants who came to the US as children.

Speier: 2 current congressmen have engaged in sexual harassment

Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) also testified that a current lawmaker exposed himself to a young female staffer.

Hundreds rally on Capitol Hill to demand passage of Dream Act to protect 800,000 immigrants

"We need a clean Dream Act by December and we will not sit back while you play with our lives."

4 female lawmakers allege sexual harassment in Congress, highlighting ongoing problem in politics

Women in politics are often the victims of the same predatory behavior women in any other male-dominated field face.

Mic Wakeup: America reels after Las Vegas massacre, the 338th US mass shooting in 2017

Here are three stories to help you reshape the world for Tuesday, Oct. 3.

Poll shows strong support for keeping DACA, even among Trump supporters

There is broad support for Congress to shield DACA recipients from deportation.

Congress sent Trump a resolution that could finally force him to publicly denounce white supremacy

The resolution now heads to the president’s desk for his signature. The question is whether he’ll strongly rebuke white supremacists.

Nearly half of Republicans have yet to hold a public town hall since Donald Trump took office

A majority of members of Congress did not hold a town hall in August.

What grassroots groups learned from fighting Trumpcare — and how they’ll apply it to the DACA fight

“It was the highly visible direct actions ... that helped change the conversation. People will need to step up boldly and put themselves on the line.”

Calls grow among Democrats to remove Confederate monuments from the U.S. Capitol

Republican leaders are unlikely to support removal of the monuments.


Can Trump launch a strike on North Korea without congressional approval? It’s complicated.

Trump says the U.S. military is "locked and loaded" for a possible strike on North Korea.

Congress just recessed for the entire month of August. Here’s 3 things to watch as they head home.

How are Republicans met at town halls when they head home, and will a spate of GOP lawmakers retire?

White House pushes for another health care vote — even as the American people want them to move on

The White House says the American people want another immediate health care vote. They don't.

Senate Republicans advance Obamacare repeal effort to debate

Senate Republicans may have cleared their first hurdle, but many more remain.

Rep. Mo Brooks uses audio from Congressional Baseball Game shooting in political ad

A spokesman for Rep. Steve Scalise — who was critically wounded in the shooting — said the ad is inappropriate.


American Medical Association and other health groups still oppose the Republican’s health care bill

"This legislation would have a profoundly negative impact on Americans."

Republicans may vote on their health care bill without a full CBO score

This could change the precedent for how the effects of legislation are considered before they're voted on.

How can Republicans vote for the new health care bill if they opposed the old one?

Senators said they could not support cuts to Medicaid two weeks ago. Will that change now?

24 states have no laws against female genital mutilation. Here’s why that needs to change.

Approximately 513,000 girls are at risk for genital cutting in the United States, the CDC estimates.