Nowhere to “Hyde”: Congressional Democrats target restriction on federal abortion funding

For over 40 years, the Hyde Amendment has barred any federal money from being used to pay for abortions. But those days may be over.

Potential Democratic 2020 presidential contenders just signed on to pro-union bill

The bill is the latest in a series of bold progressive measures that rumored 2020 candidates have raced to endorse.

Following West Virginia’s lead, teachers in 3 more states may strike

Teachers across the U.S. are set to follow the lead of West Virginians after what amounted to one of the largest and most successful strikes in recent U.S. history.

Don’t expect gun control to pass anytime soon, as McConnell has no definitive plans for a vote

If the Senate doesn’t move on guns before the Easter recess, gun control advocates will have to wait until at least April 10 — when the Senate is slated to return — to see any action on guns.

Ahead of midterms, millions of dollars are pouring in toward state legislative races

“People [pay] more attention to the impact their state government representatives have on their lives."

Senate fails to pass immigration reform bill, again leaving the fate of DACA recipients unknown

Three proposals to codify DACA into law failed on the Senate floor.

Trump threatens to veto bipartisan DACA compromise bill

The veto threat is a far cry from Trump’s January promise to sign whatever bill that addresses the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that Congress put on his desk.

Democrats split over whether to demand protection for DACA recipients or fund government

"I can't consider supporting this under any circumstances if there's no promise immediately about doing something on DACA."

GOP-controlled Alabama legislature moves to end Senate special elections after Doug Jones’ win

The Republican-controlled Alabama state House voted on Tuesday to end special elections for vacant U.S. Senate seats in the state.

“They folded immediately”: Progressives fume at Dems over deal to reopen government

"The temperature went up one degree and a lot of Democrats ran screaming from the kitchen."

The US government shutdown, by the numbers

Here are the numbers behind the three-day shutdown — and what could be waiting if the government can't agree on a new deal by Feb. 8.

Senate votes to reopen the government after McConnell promises immigration vote

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell agreed to bring an immigration bill that codifies the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program into law to a vote.

Mic Wakeup: The shutdown, fake news and Dylan Farrow all make headlines

It’s Friday, Jan. 19. Here are three stories you need to read.

Congressional compliance office denies Tim Kaine request for data on sexual harassment in the Senate

Kaine called the decision "very disappointing," writing that "we need to understand the scope of the problem" in order to solve it.

Republicans releasing revised tax plan, which is hurtling towards passage

Republicans released the plan Friday evening, giving Democrats and the public just a few days to see what's included in the legislation before it is voted on.

Republicans’ greatest achievement in 2017 may be their quiet reshaping of federal courts

On Thursday, the Senate confirmed its 12th judge to the U.S. Court of Appeals — the most in any year since the system was created in 1891.

What becomes of the tax bill after Doug Jones’ win?

Democratic nominee Doug Jones pulled off a stunning upset in Alabama Tuesday night, eking out a win that could throw a major wrench into Republican efforts to pass their tax reform bill.

The GOP tax bill is historically unpopular, and the rush to pass it could create major problems

In their effort to give President Donald Trump a legislative victory in his first year in office, Republicans could create problematic loopholes in the tax code in the rush to pass the bill.

The GOP is now the party of Roy Moore — whether they like it or not

With the vote for Alabama’s Senate seat on Tuesday, Republicans are scrambling to figure out what to do if Moore wins.

Alabama GOP senator says Senate will have to weigh Moore’s “fitness to serve” if he wins election

The Alabama senator left Roy Moore's fate in the Senate up in the air if he wins Tuesday's special election.

House passes bill to expand where people can carry a concealed weapon

The bill would override some state laws that require safety training and background checks before receiving a concealed carry permit.

Hours after writing a 479-page bill, Senate Republicans pass a sweeping tax plan

The American tax code was rewritten in a few hours on Friday night, as Republicans passed a hastily prepared bill that slashes corporate tax rates. The bill heads to the House.

11 changes in the Senate GOP tax bill that could affect you

This is what you should know as Republicans work to pass their tax plan.

House Republicans pass tax reform bill and cross fingers the Senate acts

The bill passed 227 to 205, with 13 Republicans voting against the legislation.

Top Republicans are cutting ties with Roy Moore, but GOP Senate candidates remain silent

Even as Republican senators have rebuked Moore, key GOP Senate candidates have stayed silent about allegations against Roy Moore.

Republicans aim to gut Obamacare and pass tax cuts in one bill

The GOP strategy is to accomplish two goals: End the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate and cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy.

GOP will try to tack Obamacare repeal to tax reform, which would cause millions to lose health care

Insurance premiums would skyrocket, and millions more would go uninsured. But repealing a key tenet of Obamacare would pay for some of the GOP's tax cuts.

The superstorm of problems facing the Senate GOP

2017 should have been a banner year for Senate Republicans. Instead, it's been a disaster.

Hundreds rally on Capitol Hill to demand passage of Dream Act to protect 800,000 immigrants

"We need a clean Dream Act by December and we will not sit back while you play with our lives."

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