24 states have no laws against female genital mutilation. Here’s why that needs to change.

Approximately 513,000 girls are at risk for genital cutting in the United States, the CDC estimates.

After being turned down twice, Afghan girls robotics team finally granted entry to compete in US

The team of six girls was finally granted entry to the U.S.

Why millennials are fleeing Mississippi — and flocking in droves to these US states

Mississippi's millennial population declined 3.9% between 2010 and 2016.

As lawsuits pile up, elections officials push back at “voter fraud panel” on Mike Pence’s home turf

The objections against the president's so-called "voter fraud panel" are mounting.

Trump clashes with G20 leaders on climate change section of summit communique

Angela Merkel called the U.S. position on the Paris agreement "regrettable."

22-year-old American tourist Bakari Henderson beaten to death in Greece, State Department says

Henderson was reportedly part of a bar fight that spilled out onto the streets.


A federal judge has denied Hawaii’s latest challenge to Trump’s travel ban

Hawaii requested grandparents and other close family members be exempt from the ban's latest iteration.

Legal weed in Nevada makes bank on first day of sales

Weed sold so fast in Nevada one dispensary had to go to a "men's club" to get change for customers.

Small town, big pride: Boise, Idaho

Love, light and bright futures in the beautiful City of Trees.

Wildfires in Arizona and Utah force thousands from their homes

Nearly 7,000 have been displaced between the two states.

Sarah Palin has filed a long-ditch lawsuit against the 'New York Times'

Palin's lawsuit comes at a time when President Donald Trump has threatened to "open up" libel laws.


California bans state-funded travel to Texas, 3 more states because of anti-LGBTQ laws

California isn't keen on sending people to these anti-LGBTQ states.

Grizzly bear protections in Yellowstone National park are ending

A final ruling by US government officials will strike the Yellowstone grizzly bear from the list of threatened species after its population increased to 700.

CAIR sues FBI, TSA for placing Utah imam on no-fly list before he returned to the US

Yussuf Abdi has been an U.S. citizen since 2010.

Puerto Ricans didn't vote for statehood. They voted for inaction and disrespect.

Trump's America isn't going to admit one of its last colonies as its first Spanish-speaking state. Voters were hoodwinked.

How to audition for 'American Idol': Locations, dates and everything you need to know

American Idol returns in 2018.


Ocean City, Maryland, mayor issues emergency ordinance against topless sunbathers

On Saturday, Mayor Rick Meehan issued an emergency ordinance laced with creepy language about the "physiological differences" between men and women.

Puerto Rico overwhelmingly votes to become U.S. state, but likely won't

Despite a landslide victory at the polls, Puerto Rican statehood is likely to get caught up in the U.S. Congress.

Puerto Rico statehood vote: What to know ahead of Sunday's vote

Could Puerto Rico become the 51st state?

Portland mayor asks feds to shut down alt-right rallies in wake of recent attacks

“Our city is in mourning, our community’s anger is real," Mayor Ted Wheeler said in a statement.


Manchester police stop sharing information with U.S. following leaks

Leaks from the U.S. government to the media have proved too frequent for the Manchester police to abide.

Read the public letter jurors wrote after finding Betty Shelby not guilty of manslaughter

The jury concluded that race was not a factor in Shelby's decision to shoot Terence Crutcher.

This is the highest and lowest paying job in your state

See how your salary compares to the top and bottom annual wage in your U.S. state.

Miss District of Columbia, Kara McCullough, wins Miss USA 2017 pageant

This is the second year in a row Miss District of Columbia has won the Miss USA pageant.

What channel is the 2017 Miss USA competition on?

Miss USA Deshauna Barber will pass down her title Sunday.

Anti-choice protesters arrested for blocking entrance to Kentucky's only abortion clinic

Ten protesters with Operation Save America were arrested Saturday after blocking the entrance to the EMW Women's Surgical Center.

North Carolina needs $900 million in Hurricane Matthew aid. Trump is offering $6 million.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper called it an "incredible failure" by the Trump administration.

How Trump succeeded in keeping refugees out of the US even though his travel bans failed

It hasn't been a good look for states like Texas, Tennessee and New Jersey.