Two new mail bombs found, sent to former Vice President Joe Biden and Robert De Niro’s restaurant

Two new mail bombs were discovered on Thursday with similar characteristics to the bombs discovered a day earlier, this time intended for former Vice President Joe Biden and actor Robert De Niro.

Biden on Trump: “Who in God’s name would have thought we would be here, with this president?”

His appearance at a Democratic event Wednesday has further fueled suspicions that the former vice president is gearing up for a White House run.

Stock market reacts to Michael Flynn guilty plea and Senate tax bill vote

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell on news that Michael Flynn would plead guilty to making false statements to the FBI, but was cushioned by news the tax reform bill could pass.

Military personnel being investigated for contact with foreign women during Trump’s trip to Asia

The officials in question allegedly broke curfew during Trump’s stopover in Vietnam near the close of his 12-day tour of Asia.

What is the 25th Amendment? Explaining the constitutional provision that could take down Trump.

Some Trump detractors hope the amendment could take down Trump's presidency. But don't get your hopes up.

Mike Pence’s solidarity with Donald Trump on Charlottesville doesn’t extend to blaming “both sides”

Pence wouldn't say whether he thinks Confederate monuments have to go.

Donald Trump on opioid epidemic: “Prevent people from abusing drugs in the first place”

In addressing the national crisis, Trump took the "Just say no" route.

‘Hot Mic’ podcast: Senate protects Mueller, Pence’s 2020 plans, Miss Universe Pageant

The important stories to know for Monday, August 7.

VP Mike Pence shuts down suggestion he’s eyeing 2020 run following ‘New York Times’ report

The Vice President decried the New York Times's suggestion he could run in 2020 as "disgraceful and offensive."

Want to get rich? Here’s what 7 millionaires were doing in their 20s

What should you do in your 20s to become financially successful? If these millionaires and billionaires are any indication, you've got time to figure it out.

Silicon Valley is leaning on black women to fix its diversity problem

Bozoma Saint John, Denise Young Smith and Candi Castleberry-Singleton are leading the way.

At least 44 states rebuff Trump voter fraud commission

Trump's Commission on Election Integrity is facing an uphill battle proving widespread voter fraud exists.

I fought Bowser in ‘Arms’ on Nintendo Switch at E3 2017 — and won

Trading punches with Nintendo's very own (Doug) Bowser

Spox: Vice President Mike Pence has hired outside counsel for Mueller's Trump-Russia probe

"The vice president is focused entirely on his duties and promoting the president's agenda and looks forward to a swift conclusion of this matter," said a spokesman for Mike Pence.

PR conference hosts panel on how women can break through “macho culture” — without a single woman

A group of men discuss how women can best be acknowledged.


Bill Maher's use of racial slur on 'Real Time' draws intense criticism

Some called on HBO to pull Maher from the air.

Xbox Scorpio Specs: New processor revealed in Twitter photo — still no release date

If you know anything about tech and you're excited for Xbox Project Scorpio, you'll think this photo is pretty cool.

L'Oréal uses EpiSkin, lab-grown skin, to combat animal testing

It's already a game changer.

Trump's budget aims to exclude Planned Parenthood from all federally funded programs

A leaked executive summary of the budget specifically bars Planned Parenthood from participating in all HHS programs.

'Rocket League' WWE Partnership: What does it mean for future expansion updates?

'Rocket League' and the WWE are working together, but will it lead to a new expansion pack?


25th Amendment: This means of removing a president wasn't created with Trump in mind

This amendment wasn't designed for a president who doesn't "realize the implications of what he's saying."

Porn companies are developing home security tools so you won't get caught with pants down

Virtual reality porn fans are terrified of their family walking in on them. PornHub has heard their cries.

After rejection from his mom for wearing makeup, this teen got the ultimate Mac surprise

"At Mac, our motto is all ages, all races, all sexes; we’re an inclusive brand and Jauan’s story really hit home to us."

Conversion therapy would end nationwide under new bill in Congress

The law would label those who offer conversion therapy frauds.

"Energy feminist" thinks the pro-choice movement should be extended to fossil fuels

Self-proclaimed "energy feminist" Amy Cooke said fossil fuels should be "equally represented" in Earth Day celebrations.


Mic raises $21 million in Series C funding

Led by Lightspeed Venture Partners with strategic investments from Time Warner Investments, kyu Collective, You & Mr. Jones to fuel growth in nine new channels and video offerings

Ivanka met with Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards in secret, report says

Trump met with Richards after her father's inauguration, but did the meeting do any good?

Northwestern declines to discipline fraternities accused of sexual assault

Northwestern says it found no evidence to support claims of women being drugged and sexually assaulted at fraternity events.

This Week in Reproductive Rights: A Title X vote and backwards views on parental leave

The Senate voted on a major bill that would allow states to withhold Title X funds from clinics that provide abortions.