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Esports racism and sexism is a symptom of a larger issue in gaming culture.

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Some professional gamers are making salaries equivalent to NFL athletes and eSports events are pulling in millions of viewers online. Why won't TV networks broadcast them?

What It's Like to Play Candy Crush, the Best Social Game Of All Time

Climbing atop leader boards and thinking about going public, the game is a true testament to everything that's right about social gaming ... and wrong about gaming in general.

Xbox One Release: Why Does the New Xbox Have Zero Games With Female Protagonists?

Having no female leads in any Xbox One game says to women that we don't matter. We can't be the heroes. We'll always need saving.

Guess How Many Video Games Feature Female Protagonists?

It turns out - surprise! - that there aren't many female protagonists in video games. That's indicative of a bigger problem of misogyny and sexism in the gaming community.

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'Bioshock Infinite' Asks "Would You Stone An Interracial Couple?"

Video games often ask a good deal of their players, and the decisions often cross the moral compass. Do the decisions gamers make reflect their personalities?

Adam Lanza Sandy Hook Shooting: Killer Plotted For Years

Connecticut police discovered a 7-foot-long, 4-foot-wide spreadsheet with names, body counts and weapons from mass murders in the past, proving that the Sandy Hook shooting was planned for years.

Dad Hires In-Game Killers to Stop Jobless Son From Online Gaming

Tired of his 23-year old not looking for work, Mr. Feng took matters into his own, virtual hands.