Election Day 2018: All the free stuff you can get with your vote

It's the land of the free, after all, so get your free cupcakes and discounted Uber rides Tuesday.

Florida could restore voting rights to 1.5 million residents — and reshape the state’s politics

“If you can’t decide or have a voice in the basic laws that govern you, are you really out of prison?”

Mic Daily: Trump calls the media the “enemy” yet again — and other news of the day

Mic Daily is a cross section of our most vital stories of the day.

This startup imagines a world where elections are more about issues than political parties

Mic asks tech entrepreneurs: “What are 12 things you did with your phone today?” IssueVoter CEO Maria Yuan uses hers to build communities of informed voters.

These companies are giving employees Election Day off to vote. Will it help turnout?

Would more people vote if Election Day was a federal holiday?

Progressive candidates’ uphill battle to get the youth vote just got easier with a new innovative app

VoteWithMe wants to use peer pressure to create a more balanced democracy.

These billboards tackle some of the country’s most pressing issues ahead of Election Day

More than 50 billboards will be erected across the United States, addressing topics such as immigration, police brutality and gun violence.

Florida counties now must offer Spanish-language ballots ahead of dead-heat November votes

“Voting in a language you do not understand is like asking this court decide the winner of the Nobel Prize for chemistry — ineffective, in other words,” the judge wrote in his ruling.

Federal judge strikes down Florida’s early voting ban on college campuses as discrimination

In his scathing ruling, the judge compared the state ban's effect on younger voters to a law from the Jim Crow era.

The 14th amendment turns 150 today, but its legacy in Supreme Court rulings is now uncertain

The 150-year-old amendment has been the key to securing desegregation, abortion rights, LGBTQ rights and more.

The Supreme Court and state votes on gerrymandering could shape the 2020 election

Americans in states across the country are having their voices heard when it comes to changing the redistricting process.


Here are the biggest Supreme Court decisions to watch out for over the next few weeks

Over the next six weeks, SCOTUS will issue major decisions concerning voting, free speech, Trump's travel ban and more.

How voting access is being expanded ahead of November midterms

After years of voting rights restrictions, measures to expand voting access are now being enacted nationwide.

Federal court rules in favor of felon voting rights in Florida — but it’s still an issue nationwide

The ruling could affect more than 1.6 million disenfranchised voters in Florida.

With Christie gone, felons in New Jersey could finally get their voting rights

It's the state with the highest racial disparity in incarceration.

Will 2018 be a landmark year for voter rights?

Looming court decisions suggest 2018 could be a landmark year for determining whether tactics like gerrymandering and removing inactive voters can continue to suppress the will of voters.

How cities are bypassing states to explore registering hundreds of thousands to vote

“Local elected [officials] need to see themselves as democracy champions and as champions for their voters.”

Senate Passes Tax Reform Bill: 5 key ways the plan will affect you

Here's the GOP tax bill explained, with details on how it could change your financial situation.

Obama, Clinton campaign veteran team pledges $1.5 million to progressive political tech companies

The GOP holds the White House and Congress. Tech progressives are trying to change that.

Election Assistance Commission official on meeting about voting threats: “There was a real urgency”

The race is on to shore up the election system before the next vote.

Senate Republicans advance Obamacare repeal effort to debate

Senate Republicans may have cleared their first hurdle, but many more remain.

Here are 4 reasons Tuesday’s health care vote will be different than the ones before it

We don't actually know what Republicans will be voting on.

Federal judge denies attempt to block election integrity panel from collecting voter data

A judge knocked down the legal challenge that had put the panel's big data request on hold.

New lawsuit claims Trump’s “voter fraud panel” violates the Watergate-era federal Privacy Act

They asked for a lot voter data. Now they're getting a lot of lawsuits.

‘Dota 2’ Arcana Vote 2017: Everything International Battle Pass holders need to know

What is the 'Dota 2' Arcana Vote and how can you participate? Get all the details here.

“Pray there is no hell”: Critics are savaging Trump’s voter fraud panel via email

The 112 pages of emails to the panel sure won't be mistaken for valentines.

Watchdogs say Trump’s new voter fraud panel pick rounds out “four horsemen” of suppression

The addition of J. Christian Adams to the panel is causing a stir.

As lawsuits pile up, elections officials push back at “voter fraud panel” on Mike Pence’s home turf

The objections against the president's so-called "voter fraud panel" are mounting.

Restoring ex-felon voting rights could overhaul the US political map, advocates say

"It can sure enough affect the political parties in power."

Trump voter panel head Kris Kobach “conspicuously absent” from annual secretaries of state meeting

Kobach appears in no hurry to hang out with his fellow secretaries of state.