Mic Daily: Supreme Court forces anonymous political donors into the light — and other news

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Wall Street salaries are the highest they’ve been since the financial crisis

The average salary for employees on Wall Street was $422,500 last year, which is the highest average since 2008.

One reason tuition is going up? A new report finds much of the money is going to Wall Street.

A new report on Michigan State University found that for every dollar the school spent on scholarships in the last academic year, it also spent 32 cents paying hedge fund fees.

How Democrats became captured by the myth of the wholesome “community bank”

Democrats who support the Senate's financial deregulation bill — and those who oppose it — say they want regulatory relief for community banks. But should they?

Bitcoin price tops $7,000 USD — is it a buy or in a bubble? Whether to put stock in CME group news

Bitcoin prices are going through the roof after a major Wall Street institution announced it would be launching a special trading desk for "bitcoin futures." Here's what all that means.

Bitcoin price today hit a new high: What the news means, and whether mining or investing makes sense

Everything to know about bitcoin price history, and news analysis of why the cryptocurrency has climbed so quickly: Nations and banks are opening up, but risks remain.

Democratic rising star Kamala Harris has a “Bernieland” problem

Kamala Harris is having a moment. But the Bernie-wing of the Democratic party is highly skeptical.

Artist seeking to "downgrade" feminist statue says it's not about feminism

Alex Gardega said his dog statue wasn't "anti-feminist," but rather, a commentary on "corporate nonsense."

How to fight for your money: Barney Frank sounds off on financial reforms that protect consumers

Have you been wronged by a company you do business with? Here's how to fight for your rights.

The sculptor behind the Charging Bull statue is mad as hell about Fearless Girl

?Arturo Di Modica is taking legal action against city officials he says committed copyright infringement.

iPhone Edition: There could be a special $1,000 iPhone 8

It would be released separately from the iPhone 7S.


Wall Street's little girl statue is pointless if we don't take its message seriously

The statue has a hidden meaning everyone needs to hear.

Shia LaBeouf launches four-year, anti-Trump livestream called "He Will Not Divide Us"

Shia LaBeouf has set up a livestream to run continuously for the duration of Donald Trump's presidency.

Self-made millionaire Sallie Krawcheck reveals the mistake that hinders all careers

Sallie Krawcheck wants you to learn from your mistakes.

Donald Trump bragged his building was now the tallest during 9/11

According to Trump, one immediate impact of Sept. 11 was that the Trump Building was now the tallest in downtown Manhattan.

Alleged images of the new Playstation 4 leaked online — here's what it might look like

The photos look pretty convincing.


Is Chipotle Closing? Restaurant to Shutter All Stores on Feb. 8 for One Day — Here's Why

Change lunch plans on Feb. 8 because Chipotle will be closing all stores.

'Homeland' Season 6 Plot and Cast Info, Including a NYC Location

Next season, Carrie Mathison from 'Homeland' will be protecting the Big Apple.

Can Moving Out Actually Help Save Your Relationship?

It sounds crazy. And yet...


Charlie Sheen Reveals He Is HIV-Positive on 'Today' Show

He made his announcement Tuesday.

Why a Banksy-Designed World Trade Center Would Be a Total Eyesore

Since, according to him, the current design is "something they would build in Canada."

All Tonight's Red Carpet Looks

LIVE commentary from the Golden Globe Red Carpet and Awards. Watch as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host the night and do a way better job than Rickey Gervais.

Umar Abbasi Says He Could Not Save Ki Suk Han From NYC Subway Death

"I wanted to help the man, but I couldn't figure out how to help," Abbasi said. "It all happened so fast."

Dawood National Military Hospital Kabul Scandal Should End War in Afghanistan

An investigation into the horrifying treatment of wounded Afghan soldiers at the nation's premier military hospital unveiled shocking corruption at the highest levels of Afghan government.

Charlie Sheen Anger Management: Why Ashton Kutcher is Not Winning

Charlie Sheen is poised to have the last laugh with his new FX sitcom 'Anger Management' as his producers are about to cleverly turn the 'Two and a Half Men' epic meltdown into comedy gold.

Michael Douglas PSA to Fight Corrupt Wall Street: Greed is Not Good

While it’s good that Douglas has gone as far as he has in this PSA to clarify that Gordon Gekko was indeed the villain, it will do little to address the issue of fraud in the financial industry.