Trump refuses to meet with American Nobel Prize winners, breaking with tradition

Several Nobel Prize recipients have been critical of the president. Now he's breaking with years of tradition and declining to honor them.


After dinner with military commanders, Trump hints at “calm before the storm”

"We have the world’s great military people in this room. I will tell you that," the president said cryptically.

‘Hot Mic’ podcast: Bannon resigns, Boston protesters shut down conservative rally

The important stories to know for Monday, August 21.

In wake of Bannon’s removal, Rep. Adam Schiff recommends Steve Miller and Sebastian Gorka for ouster

The congressman called for putting "real constraints" on Trump as questions mount about his mental fitness for the job.

Reports: Steve Bannon to be removed from White House adviser position

The report claims that Bannon may have submitted his letter of resignation over a week ago.

4 key takeaways from Steve Bannon’s surprising ‘American Prospect’ interview

Bannon reportedly didn't realize his comments would be published as an interview.

Mic Investigation: About 90% of US House members don’t pay their interns

Only about 10% of GOP House members and 4% of Democrat House members regularly offer paid internships, with a salary or stipend to cover living expenses.

Sessions, threatening leakers, says DOJ is reviewing policy on media subpoenas

"We must balance the press’s role with protecting our national security," Sessions said.

Trump’s trans ban is just the latest effort by politicians to force LGBT people back in the closet

The ability of all LGBT people to live openly and honestly is under assault. Trans rights are inextricably part of that battle.

3 things to know as Republicans pivot to tax reform

After their latest health care loss, Republicans seeking ambitious tax reform with or without Democrats — and fast.

Trump’s Cabinet is reportedly holding White House Bible studies. Is that unconstitutional?

One expert called the meetings "troubling."


Meet the email prankster who duped Scaramucci and other Trump officials

The British trickster has been duping big bankers and politicians for months.

‘Hot Mic’ podcast: Priebus resigns, GOP health care fails, new sanctions anger Russia

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While You Weren’t Looking: 5 stories free from “skinny repeals” and the Mooch’s “colorful language”

Five stories you may have missed while trying to keep up with a chaotic news week.

Paul Ryan seems to have had it with Trump — if this bizarre online quiz he created is any indication

Paul Ryan really wants you to know what he was doing while Donald Trump Jr. was meeting with the Russians.


Hundreds rally in Times Square to protest Donald Trump’s transgender military ban

“I’m out here to support my trans brothers and sisters who have been serving our military for years and years and years."

Steve Bannon apparently called Paul Ryan a “limp-dick motherf*cker”

Bannon also called Ryan part of the "globalist donor class."

Ethics watchdog group will release Mar-a-Lago visitors log

The watchdog group CREW will obtain the logs as part of their lawsuit against the administration.

Under siege on Russia and health care, Trump’s White House plans more “theme weeks”

The White House will stage three weeks of events around "Made in America," "American Heroes" and "American Dreams."

Kentucky secretary of state on voter data request: “Might as well let Putin just get a zip drive”

Alison Lundergan Grimes has a few things to say about the White House's election integrity panel.


Trump’s feud with CNN looms over pending merger between Time Warner and AT&T

Trump's antagonistic relationship with CNN will make it harder to separate the merger ruling from his personal animosity.

The White House’s gender wage gap has doubled under Trump

An analysis from a conservative think tank suggests media outlets underestimated the gender pay gap in Trump's White House.

‘Hot Mic’ podcast: North Korean missile launch, Voter fraud commission, Hot dog eating contest

Important stories to get you caught up for Wednesday.

Theresa May denies reports Donald Trump may visit UK with little notice

An impromptu Trump visit could make May's life as prime minister more difficult.

Donald Trump tweets in support of Charlie Gard, terminally ill UK infant

It's unclear whether Trump will actually be able to help.

Women working in Trump's White House only make $0.80 to the man's dollar

The White House's annual report to Congress revealed women in the White House earn an average salary of roughly $83,000 while men earn $104,000.

NBC News called Sally Hemings Thomas Jefferson's mistress. She was his slave.

"Mistress" implies an agency that the context of slavery didn't afford black people south of the Mason-Dixon in antebellum America.

White House science office has no staff left under Donald Trump

It's not clear if Trump plans on hiring replacements either.

What Melania Trump wore her 23rd week as first lady — a rather colorful week indeed

The first lady wore pink, yellow and more pink.