Apple’s new emojis were just announced

At last, a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Women engineers get real about the worst sexism they’ve experienced at work

It ranges from the subtle to the extreme.

“Ain’t I a Woman” March is a response to the whiteness of January’s women’s marches

Imani Mitchell, the president of Black Women United, said the march is a necessary addendum to the Women's March on Washington.

Kesha’s new single “Woman” is a feminist battle cry that defies her pop past

This is the music Kesha feels she was always born to make, and it suits her well.

BET’s ‘Hit the Floor’ isn’t the only show with an all-female writing team

Women are starting to gain ground in TV writing rooms.

Because of Ms. Sheila Michaels, we are almost in a post-Miss world

One woman is widely credited with spurring the popular adoption of the honorific Ms.

The next step toward truly inclusive fashion? Plus-size jewelry

The brand Universal Standard is launching a new plus-size jewelry collection.

Swedish comedian proposes “man-free” music festival in response to recent rape reports

Emma Knyckare would potentially allow men to attend her festival after "all men have learned how one behaves."

This beauty brand is under fire for an ad instructing women to “skip class, not concealer”

This is not the first time Benefit has been called out for its odd ads either.

Ebony Morgan is the 15th transgender woman killed in the U.S. in 2017

Morgan was shot multiple times on Sunday.

Jeff Sessions says DOJ will review trend of anti-transgender violence

Advocates called this step the "bare minimum" in fighting anti-trans violence.

King's Gaming Ladies event canceled following targeted online harassment campaign

Men apparently planned to pose as transgender women in order to disrupt the event from the inside.

Does nursing require a "woman’s touch"? These male nurses say no.

Christian Martin and Dan Douglas are two men working as nurses — and it's mostly NBD.

Meet the Girl Scouts that will earn badges for being cybersecurity experts

They'll soon get badges for coding, cryptography and more.

Tomi Lahren wants to rally women to her side after criticizing feminists and "pro-choicers"

"My view on abortion is not black-and-white," Lahren said.

'Surpassing Certainty': Janet Mock talks race, transgender rights and her new memoir

The writer's newest book speaks to her journey of learning to love herself.

'The Big Sick' Review: Kumail Nanjiani's semi-autobiographical love story is a marvel

This Michael Showalter-directed film, based on a real-life love story, offers a refreshing twist on the rom-com format.

Everything we know about Beyoncé and Jay Z's twins — so far

Beyoncé and Jay Z have welcomed their twins to the world.

You can thank Anita Sarkeesian for being able to play Emily in ‘Dishonored 2’

If you liked playing as Emily in 'Dishonored 2,' send a thank-you letter to Anita Sarkeesian.

The brilliant way 'Broad City' is handling the Trump era

It's a little change, but it should make a huge difference.


Sen. Kamala Harris cut off for the second time by male colleagues during intelligence hearing

It's the second time in two weeks that John McCain and Richard Burr have interrupted California's junior senator.

Australian site apologizes to Roxane Gay after calling the author's size "imposing"

Gay, who just released a memoir about living as a woman of size, called the incident "cruel and humiliating."

Trans women DJ Jasmine Infiniti and London Jade assaulted in Brooklyn

Transgender woman DJ Jasmine Infiniti says when the attackers started yelling transphobic slurs, she didn't back down.

PR conference hosts panel on how women can break through “macho culture” — without a single woman

A group of men discuss how women can best be acknowledged.

Science confirms: Plus-size representation helps improve women's psychological health

When viewing images of plus-size models, women tended to not compare themselves as much.

Miss Eaves' "Thunder Thighs" is here to celebrate big thighs in the summer

"We are both intersectional feminists and we want our art to reflect our politics."

A mansplaining World Science Festival host wouldn't stop talking over his one female panelist

Until a woman in the audience shouted, "Let her speak!"

How D.Va from 'Overwatch' changed my perspective on softer femininity

My allergy to pink appears to be cured, and I have D.Va from 'Overwatch' to thank.

The mayor of Austin had the best response to this man's sexist letter

This Texas mayor had the perfect response to a sexist troll.