Women's Health

March 30, 2017

Remy Ma's biggest fight isn't with Nicki Minaj. It's with women's health care.

A conversation about black women's reproductive health we never talk about.

March 15, 2017

Defunding Planned Parenthood: Access to reproductive health services could hang in the balance

Fewer clinics mean higher costs — for everything.
Feb. 15, 2017

This group of Americans could be hurt most by an Obamacare repeal

Minorities could pay the highest price.
March 4, 2016

These 7 Celebrities Are Leading the Way for Women's Fitness and Body Positivity

These seven celebs are leading the way for women's fitness in their own ways.
July 9, 2014

This Is What the Birth Control of the Future Looks Like

You may never have to take another birth control pill again.
July 1, 2014

The Supreme Court's Baffling Science Illiteracy Is Becoming a Big Problem for America

The court lacks cursory knowledge of even the most basic science issues.

Nov. 15, 2013

See How Anti-Abortion Activists Are Scamming Pregnant Women With Fake Health Clinics

So-called crisis pregnancy centers are funded by state dollars, associated with religious and anti-choice organizations, and are lying to women.
Oct. 1, 2013

Latest Abortion News: Some Of the Biggest Battles Aren't Where You Think

You've heard about the obstacles to reproductive health services in red and purple states across the U.S. But did you know how hard they are to find and afford anywhere in the country?
Sept. 2, 2013

This Chart Will Debunk All Republican Myths On Planned Parenthood

The Perot Foundation donating $1 million to Planned Parenthood isn't that surprising; what is surprising is how little of this money will go to actually perform abortions.
Aug. 24, 2013

Ireland's First Abortion is Literally a Livesaver

Abortion progress in this deeply Catholic country has been slow and halting, but the country's first legal abortion was performed last week, and a woman's life was saved because of it.
Aug. 20, 2013

These Organizations Are Here to Make Your Period Suck Less

Crankytown and Huru International are working to make sanitary products available to girls around the world, increasing school attendance and reducing the spread of disease.

Aug. 6, 2013

Need a Care Package For Your Period? Do It, and Don't Feel Guilty

Think a monthly period package subscription would be totally amazing? Don't worry — your desire for convenience is in no way contributing to the shame you do or don't feel about your period.
Aug. 1, 2013

Sorry, Haters — Obamacare's Birth Control Mandate is Here

Commencing healthier society in 3...2...1....
July 27, 2013

What's the Difference Between a Texas Fetus and a Royal Baby?

When it's a question of whether that clump of cells is a baby or a fetus, the answer is often up to the media — and depends on what's most likely to get you to read the article.
July 13, 2013

Texas State Legislature: Apparently Teens Can't Handle Sex Ed

Texas Republican Representative Steve Toth argues that sex education in schools should be stopped because it causes teens to get "hot and bothered".
July 13, 2013

21 Incendiary Tweets That Capture the Texas Abortion Debate

As pro-choice protesters demonstrated outside the Texas legislature, a war of words was raging on Twitter.

July 13, 2013

HB2: Don't Expect Texas Democrats to Win the Abortion Bill Fight

Texas Democrats vow to fight the new anti-abortion regulations in court and at the polls, but it will be an uphill battle.
July 13, 2013

Texas Abortion Bill: Tweet Mocks Women Who Die From Unsafe Abortions

Conservative troll Erick Erickson sent a cruel and heartless tweet, but he reveals what many already knew: anti-choicers do not care about women's lives.
July 11, 2013

Texas Abortion Ban: Women Already Resorting to Back-Alley Abortions

Texas's controversial abortion restrictions have already caused women to seek black-market abortion pills. You have the Texas GOP to thank.
July 11, 2013

4 States Ready to Pass Abortion Bills Even Worse Than the One in Texas

Numerous states are gearing up to pass abortion bills even more restrictive than the one Wendy Davis is fighting.
July 6, 2013

Ireland Abortion Bill: Europe's Biggest Holdout On Abortion Might Be Ready to Give In

The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill is currently under debate in the Irish Parliament. Does it go too far or does it not go far enough?

July 5, 2013

Abortion Rally Reels in Activists in Oak Park

An abortion rally in Oak Park, Ill., drew a crowd of people outside Dr. Cheryl Chastine's office to protest and protect what they believe are fundamental human rights.
July 3, 2013

North Carolina Abortion: Three Millennials Speak Out On North Carolina's Insane Abortion/Sharia Mashup Bill

In a surprise move Tuesday night, NC Senate Republicans overhauled HB695 to include extensive abortion restrictions for women. Here are reactions from three Millennial males in the state.
July 3, 2013

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act 2013: Woman Sues Albertsons Supermarket For Her Stillborn Baby

An Albertsons employee is suing the supermarket chain for refusing to accommodate her pregnancy needs, leading to the death of her baby.
June 21, 2013

HPV Vaccine: Gardasil Shows "Striking Results" 7 Years in, So Why Isn't It Fully Supported?

If Gardasil is a miracle vaccine, why are many parents still not vaccinating their children?
June 21, 2013

This One Cheap Intervention Reduced Rape in Nairobi Slums By 63%

In Nairobi's slums, one in four teenage girls are raped each year. Teaching them self-defense techniques reduced that risk by 63%.

June 19, 2013

20 Week Abortion Ban: Don't They Have Anything Better to Do?

The House passed legislation that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy Tuesday. The bill's chances in the Senate are unlikely, so why bother?
June 15, 2013

America Can Save Money At Home By Helping Family Planning Around the Globe

Giving women a better choice worldwide is something that it's easy for the average American to help out with.
June 6, 2013

Susan G. Komen Foundation Struggles to Raise Money As CEO Makes Nearly $700K

Fundraising prospects are looking bleak for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, even as CEO Nancy Brinker gets a raise.
June 4, 2013

Arizona Abortion Ban: Gender- and Race-Based Abortion Ban Discriminates, But Against Who?

An ACLU lawsuit challenging Arizona's gender- and race-based abortion ban raises both ethical and legal questions which make any sound conclusion almost impossible. What are your thoughts?