It’s official: Excessive gaming is now recognized as a health disorder

Adding "gaming disorder" to doctors' lists of possible conditions will help medical professionals diagnose patients — and in return, an increasing number of people may be able to seek treatment.

Depression and work: Symptoms to watch for & how to manage your career despite heartbreak or anxiety

Your symptoms don't have to match the dictionary definition for "depression" in order for you to need help: Here's how to deal at work if you experience sadness, anxiety or other negative feelings.

Google company Verily built a robot that will unleash 20 million sterile mosquitoes on California

To fight the world's mosquito problem, we're gonna have to make even more bugs first.

What smoking cigarettes means for the future of our planet

Yes, cigarettes kill people. But they're also destroying the environment.

Ebola Outbreak DRC: WHO confirms at least 1 death in Democratic Republic of Congo

Ebola killed 49 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2014.

5 reasons Earth Day is more important now than ever

Environmental crises are happening all over the planet.


Depression up 18% since 2005, is now leading cause of ill health and disability

75% of people with major depression aren't getting the mental health treatment they need.

Leaked emails reveal largest group of dietitians wants to hide ties to Big Soda

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics did not want to divulge one member's ties to the soda industry.

In these 15 cities, exercising outside is actually bad for you because of air pollution

It's hard to get healthy when the air is so bad for you.

The Wair smart scarf doubles as an air filter in polluted cities

A French startup has produced what it claims is the world's first smart scarf that fights pollution.

France rules transgender people no longer have to undergo forced sterilization

But the new legislation is just a drop in the bucket: Over 20 other European countries still require the backwards procedure.


It turns out 92% of people on Earth are breathing polluted air, WHO finds

Almost everyone on Earth is breathing bad air.

Busy and Important UN Just Officially OK'd Your Breastfeeding Selfies — Erm, "Brelfies"

"It's absolutely to be encouraged," a WHO spokesperson said.

Red Meat Could Be Speeding Up Your Biological Clock, According to Study

One more thing to add to red meat's rap sheet.


Here's the Correct Way to Use Hand Sanitizer, According to Science

Science-approved, so you can be clean.

Male Circumcision Doesn't Decrease Sexual Pleasure, Says New Study

Cut or uncut? Science settles the debate once and for all.

Treating Anxiety and Depression Can Help The Economy in a Big Way, Global Study Shows

How big are the economic benefits of providing mental health treatments? Pretty big.

Here Are the Facts on Mental Health and Socioeconomic Status to Put Things in Perspective

"Most people with mental disabilities face disproportionate barriers in attending school and finding employment."

The Hidden Benefits of Foods High in Iron and Why You Should Get More of It

Add some iron to that diet!


These Organizations Are Giving Women in the Zika Zone Access to Abortion

"When women decide to terminate their pregnancies, they are going to do so – it’s just a matter of how."

Universal Breastfeeding Could Prevent 13% of Children From Dying Before Age 5

Scientists just discovered the truth about breastfeeding, and it could save lives.

Is There a Zika Virus Vaccine? Here's Everything We Know

Zika virus has spread to some 21 countries.

Zika Virus Map: List of Countries Affected by Dangerous Virus

The WHO expects the Zika virus to spread in the Americas. Here are the countries already affected.


These Badass Moms Are Using Social Media to Combat Breastfeeding Stigma

STFU, Donald Trump. Breastfeeding is totally natural — and beautiful.

8 Unexpected Ways Technology Is Making the World a Better Place for Women

We can't believe we've never heard of No. 3.