Pepe the Frog killed off by his creator after being coopted by the alt-right

Pepe was originally created in honor of Free Comic Book Day.

Trump pledges to fight anti-Semitism despite allegations that his rise helped unleash it

"This is my pledge to you: We will confront anti-Semitism," Trump said Tuesday.

Trump answered a question on anti-Semitism by bragging about his election win

Trump dodged, but the Israeli leader had his back.

Hundreds join #JewishResistance protest against Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon

#FireBannon and #JewishReistance trended on Twitter during the protests.

Protesters marched on Trump transition HQ to demand that he #FireBannon

Why this organization of young American Jews took a stand against Bannon.

Donald Trump and Israel: What the president-elect's relationship with US ally looks like

Israel's right wing welcomes a Donald Trump presidency.


New York Life Insurance Manager Fired for Death Threat Against Black Lives Matter Activist

The longtime employee called the activist a "pig whore" who should "die."

Hillary Clinton Slams BDS Movement as "No Path to Peace" for Israelis and Palestinians

"The Jewish state is a modern day miracle... and we must nurture and protect it."

Bernie Sanders Rebukes Anti-Semitic Heckler at Campaign Event in Harlem

"They run the Federal Reserve, they run Wall Street, they run every campaign," the heckler yelled at Bernie Sanders.

The Psychologically Proven Way to Win an Argument Every Time

Don't debate your opponent. Trick them.

The Crisis in Gaza Is Creating Horrifying Backlash for Jews Around the World

This is no way to react to the escalating conflict.


Netanyahu's Son Has Ignited a Huge Controversy in Israel Over His Blonde Girlfriend. Here's Why.

The 23-year-old is dating a gorgeous, Norwegian girl.

Watch: Anti-Government Protesters in France Turn Their Rage Toward Jews

"Jews you flaws, France is not yours"

Women's Equality At the Western Wall is Closer Than You Believe

Israeli officials have unveiled a new plaza where men and women can pray together at the Western Wall, but it was denounced as discriminatory by protesters. Can the issue ever be resolved?

The Complicated Legacy Of Helen Thomas

In light of Helen Thomas's recent death, decent people everywhere are being forced to confront the decisively mixed nature of the legacy she leaves behind her.

Joe Biden Gaffe: VP's Jewish Comments Were Not Anti-Semitic

Biden extolled Jews' influence upon all the spheres of American life and culture. Somehow this is a problem.

Joseph Massad: Al Jazeera Caves to Pro-Israel Advocates and Censors Columbia Professor

Al Jazeera has deleted a controversial article published on Tuesday last week by Colombia professor Joseph Massad titled "The last of the Semites," offering no explanation for the move.

10 Quotes to Remember While Palestinians Commemorate Al-Nakba

While Palestinians commemorate "The Day of Catastrophe," here are 10 Zionist quotes that should never be forgotten.

Stephen Hawking Israel: No, the Author Of "A Brief History Of Time" Doesn't Hate Jews

Challenging the folks who label any criticism of Israel as "anti-Semitic" will help us protect academic freedom and encourage open discussions in the public sphere.

Hugo Chavez's Real Legacy is One of Vicious Anti-Semitism Against the Jews of Venezuela

To anyone who may doubt the appalling nature of the late Chavez's mistreatment of his nation's Jewish community, it's worth noting that communist dictators are generally a pretty vile bunch.


Obama Israel Trip: President Won't Bring "Grand Peace Plan"

On his upcoming trip to Israel, Obama said he won't be bringing a grand plan to end the Israel/Palestine conflict. But despite daunting challenges, the stakes are too high to give up.

BDS Israel Event At Brooklyn College Proceeds Despite Threats to Academic Freedom

After much controversy a Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions event proceeded as scheduled in what was a win for academic freedom.

New Video Shows Egyptian President Morsi Calling Jews "Descendants of Apes and Pigs"

Morsi has made it clear that he opposes U.S. policy interests in the region and that he desires the extinction of the state of Israel.

Israel Election Paints a Bleak Picture For Progressives

It looks like Israel's hawks will win out, yet again, following elections on January 22.

War in Israel: American Jews Respond to Human Impact of Violence in Gaza

Since Israel began defensive measures last Wednesday, American Jews have generally stood in solidarity. However, the human costs of the conflict have left the community conflicted.


Sheldon Adelson is Buying the 2012 Election, But He Bought Young Jews a Long Time Ago

Sheldon Adelson funded my free trip to Israel through Birthright. Now he's near-single handedly pulling the strings for Romney's disastrous foreign policy. Was it ethical to take his dirty money?

Iran War Threat Drastically Overstated By Israel Lobby and The Economist

The Economist apparently doesn't want you to know how well Jews are doing, just like the Israel lobby.

Mitt Romney Israel Comments Reek of Anti Semitism

As Mitt Romney returns from his overseas trip, the only group of people that is still unoffended by the GOP contender’s various verbal miscues is the one that should be offended the most: Jews.

Romney Israel Trip: Forget the Jewish Vote, He Wants Jewish Money

Contrary to the popular narrative, Romney isn't in Israel trying to woo Jewish voters.