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For anyone who's ever been pulled over by a police officer, this video will be deeply satisfying.

Self-proclaimed "constitutional activist" Gavin Seim was tired of unmarked police vehicles impersonating citizens in Canfield, Washington, a practice that he believes is not only illegal, but dangerous for citizens.

"In Washington we have unmarked police vehicles impersonating citizens," wrote Seim on his blog. "It's already illegal in WA for public vehicles to be unmarked, unless designated for 'special undercover or confidential investigative purposes' ... Unmarked vehicles are a ripe opportunity for confusion in a citizens reaction and for criminals to impersonate lawful authority to get people to stop."

Whether or not Seim is right, his test of the law makes for fine watching. Seim posted a video on Oct. 14 of him "pulling over" an unmarked police car by flagging it down and asking for the officer's ID before question the police officer on his legal authority to drive the unmarked car.

Source: YouTube

"You're driving an unmarked vehicle, so I need to make sure you're actually a police officer," Seim says. "You seem to be doing something that's clearly in violation of Washington state law. I just want to make sure you are who you say you are."

The officer, a Grant County deputy, appeared flustered as he drew his license to show the constitutionally savvy Seim. "I'm not going to play anymore," he says.

"This isn't a game," responds Seim. "It's called law."

Luckily for the officer, Seim let him off with a warning.

h/t The Daily Dot