Exploring stillness at the edge of the Arctic

Exploring stillness at the edge of the Arctic

A visual bouquet, Fairbanks is filled with breathtaking sights rarely seen by the contiguous 48.
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What if only young people voted in the midterms?

Meet the teacher who traveled through 9 countries and worked as a stripper trying to reach the US

This story is part of Mic Dispatch’s three-part series on immigration in Central America.

This Week in Politics: A few House midterm races still up in the air as Trump pardons a turkey

Politicians will take a break for Thanksgiving this week, though the political controversies over Robert Mueller's investigation and the death of Jamal Khashoggi will continue.

This mom is empowering parents to become advocates for clean energy.

California Gov. Jerry Brown: Climate skeptics “will be believers” within 5 years as wildfires rage

The governor's comments come after Trump suggested "raking" could prevent the deadly fires.

This Week in Sports and Social Justice: Black police leader defends Nike and Colin Kaepernick

A former Dallas Cowboy will become the first known NFL player to marry a man on Sunday. And top high school football players speak out about an epidemic of racist incidents during games in 2018.

Kanye West donates $150,000 to GoFundMe for Jemel Roberson, who was fatally shot by police

Roberson's death has drawn widespread outrage, as the Chicago-area security guard was shot by police while detaining an attempted shooter.

‘Green Book’ is the feel-good movie that will upset people this Oscar season

The new film is both exactly what detractors say it is — a movie about race for white people — and better than that.