An architectural excursion across Chicago

An architectural excursion across Chicago

The City That Works is filled with eye-catching destinations that are imbued with history.
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Why women's rights activists want a "no" vote for Brett Kavanaugh

Apple, Amazon and Google are heading to the Senate to talk about privacy. Here’s what to expect.

The big tech companies will have to explain themselves to the government.

Hype Daily: Will Smith bungee-jumped out of a helicopter and more entertainment news

His 'Fresh Prince' costar was also there for the jump.

Climate change is threatening people’s health, so this 12-year-old is doing everything in her power to stop it.

Today in Trump’s America: Republicans schedule Kavanaugh vote before hearings on sexual assault

Before Ford and Kavanaugh utter one word in that hearing, Republicans have already set a schedule that would put Kavanaugh on course to be confirmed to the Supreme Court by early next week.

Soda can no longer be the default drink on kids’ menus in California

This simple change is catching on across the country.

How 2019 Miss’d America winner Adriana Trenta plans to use her title to advance LGBTQ equality

"I want to do everything in my power to make sure another queer youth never has to feel that fear of their livelihood being over, simply for choosing to live as who they are."

Murkowski suggests she could break with Republicans on Kavanaugh: “We need to be able to listen”

The Alaska senator is a key swing vote who could sink Trump's embattled Supreme Court nominee.

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