March 14, 2018
2:59 min

The origins of the group of Florida teens that changed the conversation around guns in America

March 6, 2018
2:43 min

Opinion: The hypocrisy of how we talk about white vs. black gun violence

March 1, 2018

Crowdfunding your way to homeownership

Is real estate the next frontier of the crowdfunding craze?
4h ago

Can you trust your financial adviser? The 3 best questions to ask before hiring a professional

The world of financial designations is full of fraud, as almost anyone can call themselves a financial planner. Here are three questions to ask before you pay someone for independent, unbiased advice.
March 1, 2018

In February, students at a predominantly white high school in Vermont raised the Black Lives Matter flag

March 5, 2018

'Get Out' won an Oscar without catering to the Academy's favorite black movie tropes.

5h ago

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding cake flavor is a complete departure from royal tradition

We spoke to a wedding expert about what their choice means for the future of royal weddings.
5h ago

Stormy Daniels, and now ex-‘Playboy’ model Karen McDougal, bring more trouble for Donald Trump

Daniels took a polygraph test in 2011 that says she was truthful about her alleged affair with Trump, while McDougal is now seeking to publicly tell her story.
6h ago

Senate Intel Committee calls on lawmakers to safeguard elections: “The need to act now is urgent”

Burr and Warner presented a united front on Tuesday as the Senate panel finishes one piece of its bipartisan Russia investigation.

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