5 hours ago

Trump 'Face the Nation' Interview: "I think I've done a very good job" of being president

Trump said he's "thoroughly enjoying" the presidency.
8 hours ago

On this Indian Reservation in Arizona, a failing school has sparked a battle against the government

A firsthand look at the brewing legal battle over one of the worst Native American schools in the nation.
2 hours ago

Antarctica's creepy Blood Falls have finally been explained by science

More than a century after it was first discovered, the glacier's flowing red water has finally been explained.
20 hours ago

Donald Trump just wrote a glowing op-ed about his own first 100 days

Trump's op-ed in the 'Washington Post,' of all places, attacked the "establishment media."
1 hour ago

E-book sales plunge as more people choose paper books

New figures reveal readers aren't giving up on physical books.

19 hours ago

Meet the next generation of radical climate activists — it's their future at stake

Young people were out in full force at the Climate March.
19 hours ago

These Trump supporters are sticking with the president

Donald Trump's first 100 days in office were tumultuous — but his base loves it.
April 29, 2017

Why is Donald Trump not attending the White House correspondents' dinner?

Seems like the president just can't take a joke.
April 29, 2017

Hacker leaks the fifth season of 'Orange Is the New Black' online

Says the hacker: "It didn't have to be this way, Netflix."

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