March 14, 2018
2:59 min

The origins of the group of Florida teens that changed the conversation around guns in America

March 6, 2018
2:43 min

Opinion: The hypocrisy of how we talk about white vs. black gun violence

March 1, 2018

Crowdfunding your way to homeownership

Is real estate the next frontier of the crowdfunding craze?
2h ago

Citigroup announces new restrictions on firearm sales by its partners

Citigroup just became the first Wall Street institution to enter the ongoing national debate on gun control in America.
March 1, 2018

In February, students at a predominantly white high school in Vermont raised the Black Lives Matter flag

March 5, 2018

'Get Out' won an Oscar without catering to the Academy's favorite black movie tropes.

2h ago

We talked with 3 young adults who came out because of ‘Love, Simon’

'Love, Simon' is the biggest mainstream movie to show what it's actually like to come out as gay — and it's inspiring young adults around the world to do the same.
4h ago

Inside the grassroots, youth-led push for more mental health resources in schools

Young people are doing everything in their power to improve the mental health resources in their communities — even if it means creating new ones themselves.
5h ago

Racial diversity at Fall 2018 Fashion Month hits a new high, as the number of plus-size models drop

Transgender and nonbinary models also saw historic gains.

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