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Shonda Rhimes fans have one more reason to love her. After an ignorant fan tweeted at the television genius complaining about the gay scenes in ABC's Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder, Rhimes responded back in the best way ever.

The Grey's Anatomy and Scandal creator (she's the executive producer of How to Get Away With Murder) has no problem fighting back against homophobia on Twitter. She received two awards from GLAAD in 2012 for her contributions to the community and has been very open about her motivation for writing these disenfranchised characters.

Rhimes' work plays an important part in bringing LGBT characters to mainstream television programming. After all, GLAAD's latest survey of TV programming shows that the number of LGBT characters on America's flatscreens is on the rise, a trend that reflects the fact that "television networks are playing a key role in promoting cultural understanding of LGBT lives around the world."

Rhimes didn't stop with just one tweet, though.

For those wanting to take a ride in Shondaland, they're going to have to leave their intolerant views at the gates. Because Rhimes will gladly have security escort the haters out if they're not having fun.

Everyone good? Great.

h/t Vulture