The Secret Behind the News About Beyoncé's Brand New 'Surprise Album'

The Secret Behind the News About Beyoncé's Brand New 'Surprise Album'

Beyoncé's surprise release last year was so revolutionary it almost stopped fans' hearts. When a tracklist for an unknown album by the Queen leaked Monday, the freakout began once again.

The BeyHive (Beyoncé's sometimes-radical fan collective) rapidly tried to figure out if the tracklist was real. And though many expected Beyoncé Vol. 2, today the truth is out: A press release from Columbia Records reveals that Bey will release a four-disc "platinum edition" of Beyoncé. It will contain two new songs and four new remixes and a live concert DVD.

Recommence freaking out.

Source: PR Newswire
Source: PR Newswire

The news is exciting if only because it reveals two abiding truths of the music industry: Beyoncé fans are the most committed people on the planet, and everyone is a Beyoncé fan. When a screenshot of a proposed tracklist for a self-titled Beyoncé Vol. 2 reportedly leaked online Saturday, fans freaking lost it. The most dedicated started picking apart every little detail. They exposed it for a hoax, noting that the release date read "Monday, November 25," when the 25th is a Tuesday this year. 

But even further digging revealed that one of the songs on the tracklist — "DONK," featuring Nicki Minaj — has been registered with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. The man who created the original "release confirmation" has admitted it is a hoax. But the fandom and new music is exceedingly real.

The fact that people are still getting this hyped up about potential Beyoncé releases further reveals how important of a moment her last album was. In an era when most album releases go unremarked, publications are still running think pieces on the implications of Beyoncé's self-titled a year after its release. Only Monday, Pop Matters ran yet another, called "This Is How It's Gonna Be Now." 

A year on, with another Beyoncé release around the corner, that seems to be the case.

Tom Barnes
Staff Writer