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What does election night in America look like on the nation's "most trusted name in news?" A metric ton of talking heads ready to deliver delicious analysis, apparently.

To be fair to CNN, this screencap, captured by Vox, shows a massive squad of reporters on the ground and analysts in CNN's various studios around the country, rather than just paid contributors designed to game out exactly what each result means for the future of the human race. 

But it's one of those images that perfectly captures the overabundance of commentary, conjecture and "analysis" that too many cable news networks rely on to fill time between election results.

Considering that this election has been widely called an "referendum on nothing" — especially since a new poll from CNN/Opinion Research shows that not a single issue is seen as "extremely important" by a majority of Americans — this just seems like total overkill. 

This version is much better — and, frankly, more accurate:

Update: It's not just CNN — the following from Fox is a real gem.