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Animated chickens. Shirtless dudes in cheesy animal masks. A whole lot of screeching.

These are just some of the features from the music video "Chick Chick," the latest tune by C-Pop sensation Wang Rong Rollin. Since it was uploaded to YouTube in October, the video has been viewed more 4.3 million times. You can probably understand why.

Source: YouTube

At the heart of the video is, well, a deeply imaginative chicken theme. Wang is accompanied by dancers in white, fowl-inspired tutus, screeching like furious hens. The lyrics to the song itself are basically all derived from farm noises — and this is just in the first minute. The video quickly devolves into tribute to the classic "Chicken Dance" drenched in bad acid.

This song may be sweeping China, but nothing beats the classics:

Source: YouTube

h/t Daily Beast