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Ah, Black Friday, the worst tradition in American history. It's a day when, just mere hours after giving thanks for the things we already have, consumers flock to stores to punch, shove, and stab each other in pursuit of the best deals on material goods that we probably don't even need.

Now, it looks like Black Friday is spreading like a virus. U.K. retailers have embraced the tradition this year, including the chaotic stampedes for TVs and toasters. But while Americans actually think of Black Friday as a modern "'tradition,"' U.K. retailers have pushed the practice to it's gaudy extreme — with this result:

Why yes, those are cheerleaders! They were recorded Thursday night at an ASDA store somewhere in the U.K.. on Thursday night by by Financial Times reporter Kadhim Shubber, who then recorded this: 

And this: 

Mindless consumerism: America's best export.