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During the 20th century, visions of the future normally included three things: flying cars, robots and jetpacks. Finally, the future is here.

Former Swiss fighter pilot Yves Rossy, now known as "Jetman" around the world, has been experimenting with modern interpretations of the classic jetpack for years. Rossy, who previously flew over Japan's Mount Fuji in 2013, has reached speeds up to 186 mph and averaging 125 mph using jet-powered wings strapped to his back. On Wednesday, Rossy posted this incredible video of a formation flight with Aerobatics Champion Veres Zoltán in Dubai. 

Source: YouTube

In an interview with Aviation magazine, Rossy said he developed the slick modern take on the classic jetpack to "make my childhood dream become true."

"I did an apprenticeship in engineering, then flew supersonic fighter jets before becoming a commercial pilot," said Rossy. "I always had a hobby of experimenting and a passion for historical aircraft. But in 1993 I developed the Jetman concept, and I was able to work on it in my spare time."

Here's Rossy's trip around Mount Fuji:

Source: YouTube

h/t the Independent