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Evolution is confusing. Evolution explained using cute little emojis is not.

Famed science educator and national treasure Bill Nye took time out of his busy day filling beakers and cleaning his glasses to break down the complexities of evolution using everyone's favorite wordless communication medium. In this fantastic video, produced in conjunction with Mashable, Nye does a remarkable job distilling the complicated science of evolution so that you never need to crack a book.

Source: YouTube

Perhaps his explanation could be used to convince the doubters. According to a recent Gallup poll, more than 4 in 10 Americans believe in creationism. In 1982, 82% of Americans believed God played some kind of role in the development of humanity; that number's dropped to 73% to 2014.

Source: Gallup
Source: Gallup

For Nye, the fact that any level of creationism exists is a big problem. Last week on right-leaning talk show MidPoint, Nye lashed out at conservative parents and institutions for not effectively and convincingly teaching their kids about evolution. Nye argued that the presence of religious conservatives on school boards hinders the development of curriculum and prevents them from learning the facts, which will hurt the country for decades to come.

"They will not have this fundamental idea that you can question things, that you can think critically, that you can use skeptical thought to learn about nature," Nye explained per the Huffington Post. "These children have to suppress everything that they can see in nature to try to get a world view that's compatible with the adults [who] they trust and rely on for sustenance."

"Religion is one thing. People get tremendous comfort and community with their religions," added Nye. "But whatever you believe, whatever deity or higher power you might believe in, the Earth is not 6,000 years old."

Perhaps showing them this video would be a good start.