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Following the Sony hacks and North Korea's reported retribution over the James Franco/Seth Rogen comedy The Interview, some have already speculated that bending to terrorist-like threats could set a dangerous precedent for Hollywood and the media.

If North Korea, or some other group, doesn't like a movie or TV show, could they just threaten the U.S. into taking it down? Could North Korea be in charge of our entertainment?

Well, that exactly what one Vimeo user had in mind in splicing together "Movie Trailers Updated with North Korea's Approval." Take a look:

The video's creator, which Boing Boing reports is artist Ronen V, took some of this year's biggest trailers and imagines what they might look like if North Korea were much more involved in the production process. As the redone trailers show, Kim Jong-un would be painted in a much more favorable light as the hero, while Americans like President Barack Obama and Dick Cheney would be the obvious bad guys.

Of course, this supercut features fairly crude editing with blatant jokes at North Korea and the supreme leader's expense, but the point is made: If the U.S. and Hollywood start bowing to the whims of North Korea and some anonymous hackers, we could be in for serious trouble.

h/t Boing Boing