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In case there was any doubt that Disney villains are evil and will hilariously degrade their enemies at every opportunity, take a look at this video YouTuber Blake Platt recently uploaded from a trip to Disney World.

Source: YouTube

One eager park visiter actually had the gall to challenge Gaston, the main antagonist from the 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast with impossibly huge muscles, to a contest of strength. After a rough go of it late last year when a young girl put Gaston in his place, this was a much needed win for the fictional character. Unsurprisingly, the clip has since gone viral on YouTube.

If nothing else, the video demonstrates once again how incredibly awesome Disney World is and how much effort all of the cast and performers put into their characters to make moments like this possible. 

Even though Gaston's such an evil character in the film, it's hard not to watch this clip and cheer for the brash hunter. But, don't worry, Gaston gets his comeuppance in the end.

h/t Kotaku