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Did you know that there are Muslim "no-go zones," administered under Sharia law, where non-Muslims are prohibited and al-Qaida freely searches for recruits in the streets?

That's what Fox News would like you to believe. In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre that left 12 dead in downtown Paris, the network has repeatedly stated that parts of France have been, as Vox puts it, "effectively conquered by Muslims," who have created "no-go zones" where French laws don't apply. 

On Jan. 10, Fox News guest Nolan Peterson alleged that there were 741 "no-go zones" around France. "I've been to Afghanistan, Iraq and Kashmir [in India]— and at times it felt like that in [Paris]," he said.

There's one big problem: Fox's reporting isn't just inflammatory and exaggerated, but factually wrong.

As "French Daily ShowLe Petit Journal  points out in its semi-regular segment "Shut the Fuck Up, Fox News ," the scary map of France's alleged "no-go zones" is actually just a map produced by France's National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies showing urban zones "identified for social development based on residents' income. employment rate and social benefits." 

"These zones do often have higher rates of crime, unemployment or other social ills — as is typically the case for parts of any city that need special state assistance," notes Vox's  Zack Beauchamp. "But they are not Islamist fiefdoms, and they aren't considered 'no-go.'"

"It has nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with security, religion or whatever bullshit Fox says," quips host Yann Barthès.

Barthès reached out to Fox News for comment about its reporting, which reportedly responded that Le Petit Journal was "wrong about 'no-go zones' in France." In return, Barthès asked his fans to write to Fox and turn the PR manager's inbox into a digital "no-go zone."

This may seem like a silly dispute, but it's dangerous reporting: The "no-go zones" are simply extending a myth about Islamic extremists invading and dominating innocent Western countries. And this is a narrative that Fox News seems happy to advance: Barely a week before, purported terrorism expert Steve Emerson claimed that "these 'no-go zones' exist not only in France, but around Europe," alleging that the entire city of Birmingham, England, was a city where "non-Muslims simply don't go in." Emerson was rightfully ridiculed for his idiocy.

Fox News will issue an on-air apology for the segment on Saturday night following a factually inaccurate segment on so-called "no-go zones."

Watch as summary of the Le Petit Journal segment below:

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