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Jon Stewart, the beloved satirist and host of The Daily Showannounced during a live taping on Tuesday that he's ending his 16-year run on late night's best news desk.

Stewart's particular brand of fake news and incisive political commentary captured television audiences and inspired a host of spin-offs, as well as the careers of brilliant comedic minds (and former Daily Show correspondents) like Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver. But this tweet from Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren perfectly captures the enduring appeal of Stewart's Daily Show

America has a long, rich history of political satire from Thomas Nast to the Capitol Steps, but few satirists have ever delivered such piercing, earnest critiques of Washington's perpetual hypocrisy as Stewart.

Warren's right: Stewart consistently reminded us the behind every photo op and public address, the American system is broken. 

We'll miss you, Jon.