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The establishment is hoping for a few things, one of which is that the dubbed Ron Paul Movement will die out or at least lose trajectory as he steps out of the limelight and retires

Unfortunately, anyone who holds that idea clearly has never met anyone involved in that movement. Unlike many political movements we don’t follow a man, we chase ideas, transcendent of ages, of empires, of banks, of decrees, and of fallible individuals.

Movements always hit plateaus and I’m not sure when ours will be but I do know that our ideas of individualism and rejection of paternalism must stretch and evolve if we are going to move forward. 

Several ways I can see this changing is to address both localized and international concerns. Our local communities must be strengthened in order to face the stresses of international and human rights. One organization that put this localized concern in action was the Black Panther Party. They conducted intensive community action but tied it, once they were established, to the greater struggle for global liberation and human rights. 

Currently organizations like Students For Liberty are starting to take on this initiative if in somewhat of a narrow way. SFL now has campus groups and organizations in Africa, Europe, Australia, Latin America, Canada, and the Middle East. They have also just finished their first European Regional Conference. While part of SFL’s focus is human and civil rights they are mainly concerned with bumping up the numbers in the student and campus movement, to grow the student movement for liberty.  

What you may also see is greater action in other areas of life, more anti-state social movements in response to the increasing close-mindedness of the political process. 

But much like the two organizations I mentioned, sole individuals taking on god-like status will not perpetuate this movement. Instead our gristmill of ideas will be fed by speeches, by social media, by movement, and by loyalty to each other, against the state. 

"The reactionary suicide is “wise,” and the revolutionary suicide is a “fool,” a fool for the revolution in the way Paul meant when he spoke of being “a fool for Christ.” That foolishness can move the mountains of oppression; it is our great leap and our commitment to the dead and the unborn. We will touch God’s heart; we will touch the people’s heart, and together we will move the mountain.” Huey P.

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