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We would like to think that our nations are modern; after all we have our Millenium Development Goals, right? We are working on eradicating poverty and hunger; we’re progressive aren’t we? I can hardly take that stance when we are still practicing one of the most primitive practices known to humankind in the name of our collective god -- human sacrifice. 

War is the barbaric practice of human sacrifice to the god of the state. We claim our culture and civilization are in their highest forms; however, this is clearly not true when the mystical still controls our lives. There has always been a full range of views on the topic of war, from the nationalistic and fervent to the Smedley Butler sort, we argue over semantics and fact. The state and its proponents tout war as liberation and as democracy. Its detractors, merely a pissing contest to see who can violently appropriate the most wealth. I would have to agree with the latter.

I refuse to make excuses for the death and the destruction that comes from the state religion I live under. I will call it what it is, human sacrifice to the god of the state. 

The religion of the state has permeated every facet of our lives. Commandments have been handed down and sinners must pay penance. Guilt for not paying our “tithe” is spoon-fed to us. The infallible lead us; their pictures and wisdom adorn our money. Stone carvings sit in the Mecca of our religion, many in fact travel there to visit and pay homage to the great priests who spent their lives guarding the religion. I refuse to worship this god that demands our blood and unthinking, blind obedience.  

The only way the facade of the religion guarding our lives will slip away is if we refuse to keep buying in. Stop attending “church,” stop buying “indulgences,” stop paying your “tithe.” If we drain the blood of the beast dry we have a fighting chance to obliterate the hand that’s over us. All individuals are enemies of the state; we are its sustenance and lifeblood. If we remove that support it will only be a matter of time until it will shrivel and die. 

Instead of paying daily homage to this monster we should demand human rights for all. No one should have to be subjected to the mental filth and subjugation of the state unless that is his or her wish. I am not speaking of collective violence forcing these individual rights as a burden upon others but of the use of the vehicle of free enterprise, propelled by communities and strengthened by individuals. That is the answer. 

I am we. We want freedom to travel, we want freedom to conduct business how we see fit and we want freedom to conduct our lives how we see fit, without the violence and the dominance of the state. We are liberation. We are freedom. We are liberty. We are the people, all power to the people.