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Editor's Note: Over the course of July, the Obama campaign has stepped up its attacks against Mitt Romney, and specifically on his record at Bain Capital. We asked five young people to weigh in on Obama's attacks against Bain: Are the negative ads against Romney effective or off-putting for millennials? Here are the responses.

"Every fact-finding organization and investigative journalistic effort to verify these claims, from to The Washington Post, have concluded that these attacks are complete lies. The Obama campaign is simple trying to throw any 'Hail Mary' they got left to distract voters' attention from the stagnant economy, high unemployment, and record drowning debt. Obama said it best in 2008, 'If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from.'" -- John Giokaris


"Mitt Romney chose to make his time at Bain Capital -- rather than his years as governor of Massachusetts -- the centerpiece of his argument as to why he should be President. Therefore, close scrutiny of his history with Bain is fair game by both the Obama campaign and the media, especially since there are inconsistancies in what he said he did and the actual record. Mitt needs to complain less and explain more, or, as Bloomberg Businessweek notes, he's at risk of getting branded with the "wimp" tag." -- Ed Hancox

"Romney's time at Bain Capital is entirely relevant to a presidential run based on the pretenses of private sector experience. Although Obama's aggressive approach is a little off-putting, that's politics; and I feel that his insistence on pressing the issue is beneficial to better understanding Romney's character and presidential credentials." -- Valiant Lowitz

"Obama should be focusing his attacks more on Bain Capital rather than Romney's tax returns. By explaining why Romney's business of 'buying companies and taking advantage of someone else's misfortune' is un-American, the Obama campaign could take leaps and bounds. Instead, the name 'Bain Capital' is thrown around all too often without any explanation as to why it's a negative appeal to Americans." -- Logan Nee

“Partisan character attacks are distracting, and both sides of the aisle are guilty. Americans have bigger, more important issues to worry about than the dates on Romney's resume or the whereabouts of Obama's birth certificate. Instead, candidates should talk about how they are going to fix the economy.” -- Chrissy Harbin