8 Scientific Reasons You Should Never Smoke Weed

8 Scientific Reasons You Should Never Smoke Weed

With 4/20 upon us, it's time for us to finally admit it: Marijuana legalization would be the worst thing to happen to America.

First off, it has turned places like Colorado and Washington state into total hellscapes. But even more than that, smoking marijuana will ruin you for the rest of your life.

Just look at what we know from expert research. The body of evidence is enough to make anyone quit smoking marijuana for good:

1. The dangers of marijuana are staring us straight in the face.

2. Marijuana is clearly the deadliest drug around.

3. There's no possible way marijuana has any positive health effects.

4. Smoking marijuana will most definitely ruin your IQ.

5. Not to mention how lumpy and misshapen it will make your brain.

6. Smoking marijuana will ruin your chances of ever becoming an athlete.

7. If you smoke weed at a party, you're going to make a total fool of yourself.

8. Smoking marijuana will make you an extremely dangerous person to be around.

Source: Reddit

Put down that reefer stick before things start getting out of control.