The Newest 'Jurassic World' Trailer Just Dropped and It's Insanely Epic

The Newest 'Jurassic World' Trailer Just Dropped and It's Insanely Epic

Mutant dinosaurs have arrived.

The trailer for Steven Spielberg's upcoming Jurassic World — likely the most anticipated installment of the Jurassic Park franchise since the the original — is now available online.

From the looks of it, Spielberg and the team have decided to return to the roots of the first firm in a tale that appears to once again show scientific hubris gone wrong.

"Corporate thought genetic modification would up the wow factor," a faceless woman says as a helicopter flies ominously over the water. "She was designed to be bigger than the T-Rex," a smug scientist adds. Obviously nothing can possibly go wrong with an A+ idea like that.

The successors of the original Jurassic Park failed to heed the timeless advice offered by Dr. Ian Malcolm in the original film: "Life will not be contained ... Life finds a way."

The park operators seemingly have no qualms about creating a mutant Tyrannosaurus Rex that, unlike dinosaurs from the previous films, appears to have a decidedly nasty streak. 

With Spielberg in the executive producer's chair, Jurassic World was directed by relative newcomer Colin Trevorrow, whose best known previous credit was a 2012 film, Safety Not Guaranteed.  

The film's starring lineup includes, Chris Pratt, Jake Johnson and Vincent D'Onofrio. Tying it all together, B.D. Wong, who played a scientist in the original Jurassic Park, also makes a return.

Jurassic World, rated PG-13, is set to open in American theaters June 12.