This Video Shows Just How Absurd Anti-Feminist "Meninists" Actually Sound

This Video Shows Just How Absurd Anti-Feminist "Meninists" Actually Sound

As the feminism movement in the U.S. continues to build momentum, there's been the inevitable backlash from certain men's groups, so-called men's rights movement activists and even some self-described "meninists."

It might seem like a trivial claim, but one new video from the PR firm called Take It From Us has captured the dire situation of men in the U.S. Highlighting actual statistics, these self-described "meninists" are finally taking a stand.

These men are angry, and what they have to say might make you angry too. Frankly, while the statistics seem favorable to men, it simply isn't enough.

The video put out with "the National Coalition of Men," came to some inescapable conclusions.

All joking aside, there aren't enough GIFs to show the sweepingly unfair disparities in everyday life between men and women in America. The video also made light of how U.S. women typically make around a quarter less than men and how after after more than 200 years and 44 presidents, zero have been women. 

Need more proof? Check the U.S. Army, where 4 out of 100 generals are women, or Hollywood, where only 7 out of 100 females work as directors, according to the video.  

Mic's Liz Plank reported on the prevalent problem of the "pink tax," wherein U.S. retailers charged more for products targeted at women than comparable ones aimed at men. 

But for some men, these changes are a slippery slope to other problems. In other words:

Many in media, particularly media like Fox News, have tried to downplay the extent of the issues women face whether it's catcalling or the wage gap or birth control or women in government. However, as these "meninists" show, it's a conversation America needs to keep having. Creating an equal society for men and women isn't a controversial idea and it's something all Americans should be talking about.