Watch a Visually Impaired Woman Meet Her Unborn Son With a 3-D Printed Ultrasound


For most parents, an ultrasound is the first real glimpse of their baby. One mother-to-be experienced a very special version of this event — she got to touch her unborn baby with the help of a 3-D printed sonogram.

Thirty-year-old Tatiana Guerra lost her sight at 17, and she gets around in the world with the help of touch. Though she would ordinarily be unable to see her child, a video called "Meeting Murilo" shows Guerra receiving a 3-D rendering of her first sonogram, which allows her to feel her unborn son's features — round nose, little chin, small mouth.

"If you could touch him, would that let you know what he's like?" the doctor asks her. "Yes," she replies.

Source: YouTube

The moment comes at the 2:40 mark:

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

The video was produced by the Brazil branch of Kimberly-Clark, the parent company of Huggies, as part of its #CountingTheDays campaign; 3-D printing firm the Goodfellas helped with the technology, AdWeek reported.

According to the video, the process takes roughly 15 minutes and yields a small but accurate-looking representation of a normal sonogram. "I'm very happy to meet Murilo before he's born," Guerra says after bursting out in tears and laughter at the touch of the sonogram.

Source: YouTube

While it remains to be seen if 3-D printing can become the standard for visually impaired parents-to-be, it has potentially fascinating implications for prenatal care. It's also yet another glimpse into the incredible promise of 3-D printing. From prosthetic limbs to sex toys, the technique is making waves in a range of areas. 

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