These Are the Texts We Wish We Could Send to the Friends We Love

These Are the Texts We Wish We Could Send to the Friends We Love

As friends, it is our duty to be the No. 1 resource for one another during breakups, work problems, family drama and the occasional body image tailspin. We come equipped with our best one-liners, mood boosters and "you deserve better than that"s. 

The truth is, there are things we simply wish we could say to our friends — and can't. Because, let's face it, being honest is really hard. Sometimes we fib to protect ourselves, or we lie to be gentle with their feelings. We hold back to keep from judging too harshly, or simply to avoid saying the wrong thing. We lie. And we rationalize that we do this to keep our relationships strong.

But imagine a reality in which our platitudes and consolations were replaced with real talk. Imagine if we were always authentic with our friends, and expressed the real emotions that our loving friendships deserve. Here's what our texts might look like:

We would call out a friend for canceling at the last minute.

We would admit we sometimes can't find the right condolence words.

We would push our friends to get the loving relationships they deserve. 

We would give them the space to be sad.

We would call out negative body talk, for the good of both of us. 

We would give them the career pep talks they really need.

We would tell them how beautiful they are — without makeup.

We would speak up when we feel like a significant other is taking our place.

We would remind them that money is an object.

We would speak up about their habits that worry us. 

We would never stop telling them how amazing they really are.