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An a cappella group from North Carolina's Elon University recently uploaded an amazing video of themselves performing Sia's chart-topping hit, "Chandelier." After a BuzzFeed community user — who appears to be president of the group — wrote a short piece on it, it spread across the Internet. The cover is impressive, but perhaps most impressive is that the group arranged the version themselves.

Source: YouTube

The group, called Twisted Measure, have been around since 1999 and are the university's longest-running co-ed a cappella group, according to their YouTube page. They apparently also have a tradition of performing barefoot. Their haunting rendition of "Chandelier" does a great job of capturing the struggle in Sia's words, which detail her battle with alcoholism. Twisted Measure's video was uploaded at the perfect time, as the a cappella movie Pitch Perfect 2 continues to storm the box office.