Twitter has weighed in on the Rachel Dolezal saga, and the results are nothing short of remarkable.

In response to allegations that the 37-year-old president of the Spokane, Washington, local NAACP chapter is actually a white woman posing as black, the hashtag #AskRachel has been trending since Thursday night.

The questions being posed run the gamut of black culture: "At what time in the morning was the poet Notorious B.I.G. paged?" asks @kidnoble (Answer: 5:46, R.I.P. Biggie). User @MikeSceezie adds a multiple choice question about where "Mary J. Blige doesn't want hateration or holleration" (Answer: In the dancery).

But by framing interrogations of Dolezal's actions through pop culture, #AskRachel doesn't just explore the complexities of how we talk about race. It also highlights the humor and absurdity of devoting so much attention to a white woman's identity crisis when pressing issues affecting black people — police brutality and mass incarceration, to name two — thrive in abundance.

Here are some of the #AskRachel highlights:

And of course, the biggest irony of them all:

Correction: June 13, 2015
An earlier version of this article misstated when Biggie got paged. It was 5:46 a.m., not 6 a.m.