White men on Twitter have been posting photos of themselves lying face down on the ground in mock apology for "white male privilege," Vocativ reports.

Gavin McInnes — the Vice Media co-founder and noted transphobia apologist who once said women are responsible for the gender pay gap and that feminism has made them "less happy" — sparked the trend using the hashtag #TakeUsDown last week.

Many questions arise from this campaign: Why is this man in a dumpster? Why is this man in a bathtub? Why is this man planking? Maybe it doesn't actually matter — as long as people on white supremacist forums keep referring to the hashtag as "funny, fair and actually brilliant," it's all good.

You're welcome, America:

You get the idea. The notion of "privilege" — i.e., that one's racial, gender and other forms of identity come loaded with varying degrees of societal benefits — has come under fire lately, mostly from people who have a lot of, well, privilege. 

For instance, here's wealthy heterosexual white male TV host Bill O'Reilly explaining why white privilege doesn't exist:

Source: YouTube

It's admirable that McInnes has taken a firm stance on such a hot-button issue, and that so many have come to his assistance. Everyone is now breathlessly awaiting his next opinion.

h/t Vocativ