Watch an Exclusive Clip from the New Trans Buddy Dramedy 'Tangerine'


There are a lot of reasons to love Tangerine, the indie dramedy about two trans women in Los Angeles coming out this week: brilliant rising star Mya Taylor; her equally talented co-lead Kitana Kiki Rodriguez; a story about being a trans woman told in an honest, un-hackneyed way;  director Sean Baker's ambitious choice to shoot the entire film on an iPhone.

Tangerine has a tremendous amount to recommend it, but don't take our word for it. Watch the opening scene of the film to be instantly charmed.

Source: Mic/YouTube

In the clip, recently released from prison Sin-Dee (Rodriguez) buys her friend Alexandra (Taylor) a donut to share on Christmas Eve. They make small talk about their financial status, then about Alexandra's transition process.

Then Sin-Dee says she's got big news about her boyfriend Chester. Alexandra, yelping with joy, congratulates her on finally dumping her cheating boyfriend.

Source: Mic/YouTube

The problem: They didn't break up, and Sin-Dee had no idea about the infidelity.

Source: Mic/YouTube

This is the film's inciting incident: How will Sin-Dee react to this news? Will she seethe? Cry? Throw a fit in the donut shop? Get over him and move on?

Sin-Dee settles for getting even.

Source: Mic/YouTube

That's just the beginning of the story, of course. Watch the full clip below. Tangerine hits New York and Los Angeles theaters Friday.

Source: YouTube