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Programmer Eric Nakagawa just built a tool to turn any link into a series of emojis.

This is Linkmoji. Or as it shows up in emojis, pizza slice/smiling poop.

Source: Linkmoji
Source: Linkmoji

What's so cool here is that the links work in your browser. For instance:

Go to Linkmoji, copy the emoji URL and paste it into your browser, and it'll take you to your favorite website. Some examples:

And so far, the site is blowing up.

To be fair, this isn't a direct translation of the Web address into emojis. Each time you plug in an address, Linkmoji will give you a different combination — even if it's the exact same Web address.

Still, if Nakagawa's tool (which he claims took an hour to make using Parse) catches on, it may not be long before we start seeing the Internet's most serious websites turned into strings of fruits, smiley faces and the universal emoji for butts. The Internet is beautiful.

Max Plenke
Staff Writer
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