Hillary Clinton Talks Trump, Student Debt and Pantsuits in First Facebook Q&A

Hillary Clinton Talks Trump, Student Debt and Pantsuits in First Facebook Q&A

Hillary Clinton took some time out of her day to answer questions on Facebook on Monday, fielding a host of inquiries from ordinary users and a handful of enterprising reporters.

"Hi, Facebook - Hillary here. Leave your question for me below about how we can raise incomes for American families. I'm looking forward to a great discussion. -H," Clinton wrote as she began taking questions.

It was reminiscent of President Barack Obama's "Ask Me Anything" during the 2012 campaign, during which the president famously took to Reddit to field questions directly from users.

Clinton has been criticized over the course of the campaign for not taking questions from the press, but on Facebook she fielded several media queries. The topics she addressed ran the gamut from student debt to tax policy, and she didn't hesitate to comment on the news of the day. She blasted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) for comments he reportedly made about her playing "the gender card" and highlighted the fact that she supports a pathway to citizenship for immigrants, denouncing the "hateful rhetoric" of Donald Trump and tying the rest of the GOP field to his recent implosion. She also answered lighter questions about her morning routine and her favorite pantsuit, for good measure.

Here's a look at some of the highlights from Clinton's first Facebook Q&A:

On #BlackLivesMatter:

On "the gender card":

On a pathway to citizenship for immigrants:

On reining in Wall Street:

On student debt:

On first-time voting:

On the "gig economy":

On taxes:

On her morning routine:

On being a grandmother:

On her favorite pantsuit:

All in all, Facebook turned out to be a relatively safe forum where Clinton could choose which questions to address and which to ignore. But that was probably the point.

Before signing off, Clinton posted this GIF: