Judd Apatow Did a Brutal Bill Cosby Impression on 'The Tonight Show'

Judd Apatow Did a Brutal Bill Cosby Impression on 'The Tonight Show'

Judd Apatow has made no secret his opinions of Bill Cosby during the beleaguered comedian's recent public scandal. From Twitter to talk shows, he's stood with women against Cosby, supporting the dozens of allegations of rape made against the tarnished legend.

On Monday night's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, however, he took it to another level with a scathing stand-up routine about Cosby. The bit featured Apatow pondering if Cosby is making jokes about his current situation while on tour. 

Delivering the section in a brutal impersonation of Cosby's voice, Apatow imagines a stand-up where Cosby talks about having to hide news of even more allegations against him from his wife Camille.

Even his faux Cosby run to grab the paper and hide it from his wife is pretty brutal.

But Apatow's fatal blow came as he ramped up to his punch line.

The pause between that line — "Do you like your life?" — and the next left the impression that Apatow implied Cosby would threaten his wife. As it turned out, he was speaking of the material things Cosby and his wife have. But it was one hell of an implication, terrifying in its deadly juxtaposition against Apatow's Cosby voice.

Apatow's scathing fury really can't be captured in GIFs. His interpretation of Cosby's cadence and tone drips with acid. The jokes are intense, but what really makes this is the clear disdain he has for this man — rightfully so, of course. 

Watch the full clip below.